Sony Online Entertainment give details of compensation

By Gary Johnson - May 16, 2011

While the big news lately has been about users of Sony’s PlayStation Network who still wait for the service to be resumed, there were still 24 million accounts that were breached with Sony Online Entertainment. We have already told you how Sony were going thank PSN users for the incipience, now Sony Online Entertainment give details of compensation which users will be getting once the service resumes.

Brett Molina from USA Today is reporting that Sony Online have posted on their website, details of the compensation package it will be offering to customers affected by the security breach. All users are to be offered thirty days of free game time which will be added to their normal billing cycle.

On top of this players will also be given a free day of service for every day the service is down for. The service first went offline at the beginning of this month. Users will also be able to get the same identity theft protection insurance that is being offered to PSN users.

Sony is also going to give away some in-game items for a variety of games, and will be holding special events to welcome back gamers. It looks like Sony is trying their hardest to repair the damage to its relationship it has with its customers. You can get full details of the compensation package here.

Do you think what Sony is offering is enough?

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  • xSony

    Sony is still going on fooling us by repeating the same info every few days, very obvious that they r stuck at somewhere.. but they are never true to update us.
    They are giving an update every 3 or 4 days which is telling nothing… only to redeem more time for them and keep us fooled….
    Please Sony, if u have nothing to say just dont mouthout with fake updates…
    either true useful updates or keep ignoring your customers…
    Even these rewards which Sony is talking about is nothing in fact, the frustration people got by this outage and the way sony dealt with us is priceless…
    We were always loyal to sony but the reaction we got this time was really surprising and disappointing.