Angry Birds RIO Update: Beach Volley Arrives, Android & iOS

By Chris Cook - May 14, 2011

Rovio’s Angry Birds is without doubt the most popular game in the market today and today we have news of their first and latest update to the Angry Birds RIO series, Beach Volley. We previously brought you news of the update but were unable to give you a release date.

We can now confirm the Beach Volley update is now available for download on Android and iOS. It is the first of four RIO updates that are expected. According to the article at Android Community the Beach Volley game features the same main characters, Jewel and Blu and an extra unique character.

As Tina Chubb mentions in her article the update does have some new features as well. From inner-tubes to tiny bomb boxes this beach adventure promises to be a catapulting farce. Consisting of thirty levels (not including the secret ones) Beach Volley will keep your thumbs occupied for hours.

Check out the Android Community article by clicking the link above. There you will find a full game spoiler; revealing more details about the game and also provides some nice screen shots.

Have you downloaded the Angry Birds RIO update yet? What do you think of the new game? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • mark

    Only the paid version is online at the amazon app store, still waiting on the free version!!

  • jayden

    Agreed. Boldface lie & bad attempt to get people through your site & generate a few ad-clicks along the way. Wake me up when the Rio update is actually available on the market app.

  • Aaron

    Why would you say it had arrived in the title when you can't confirm it?

  • Russell

    neither does my android phone waiting for may update and middle of may n nothing

  • birdnerd

    How can there be confirmation of an update that is not available anywhere?next time wait until it is actually available before making false claims.

  • Sugar

    My Android does not show an update for Rio.

  • Sugar

    My Android does not show an update for Rio.
    Where do I go to get it?