Amazon MobileMe Halt Suggests Apple iCloud Imminent

The recent announcement of Google’s Music Beta has been well documented as of late. Now the service has been launched it is predicted that focus will now be aimed towards Apple’s version the iCloud.

These predictions have been reached from the evidence that Amazon have halted sales of the company’s MobileMe service. These sales halted today and distribution of the MobileMe boxes of software.

Apple previously stopped sales of their service themselves in March, over a month ago now, encouraging users to register for the 60 day trial so as to keep them occupied until their next release. It is said that small store are still allowing purchases of MobileMe.

Their next release was originally thought to be the free version of MobileMe again but now reports like the one from suggest a new service, iCloud is to be released instead. It’s a cloud based service that will allow music streaming as well as sharing and storing.

Little else is known about the service so far, although more details are said to come at WWDC next month. Check out the full article from CultOfMac by clicking the link above. Will the iCloud be of interest to you? Let us know down below.



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