Samurai Girl: RPG adventure for iOS devices

By Marlon Votta - May 13, 2011

Its now time to become the master samurai, hold your sword aloft for a battle with the unknown. Samurai Girl an amazing RPG adventure for iOS devices.

Learn ultimate sword skills and teach your pet to become a fighting friend loyal until the end. Samurai Girl by CJ Internet Corp takes you through four exciting worlds playing out the story of Hikaru, the last guardian of Sakura, the Divine Sword. Unlock the 13 separate fighting skills needed to progress with style and honor.

Obtain and combine mythical stones to make you and your weapons more powerful. Discover countless different treasures and extras to enhance your journey. Play the mini game and compete to become the mountain master. Use the detailed tutorial to help first timers get motivated into a quick start. With smart graphics and great storyline, you can evolve your pet to do amazing things.

Samurai Girl is only $.99 U.S or the equivalent in other currencies for a limited period. Head over to the App Store, for more information on availability.

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