PSN back up for some developers, service to resume shortly?

By Gary Johnson - May 13, 2011

The PlayStation Network has been down for best part of a month now, as millions of PS3 owners still have no access to the consoles online functions. We recently told you that many disgruntled owners had started trading in their PS3s for the Xbox 360. But there may be a some light at the end of the tunnel, as we have news that PSN is back up for some developers, and hopefully means the service will resume shortly.

Gamersmint are reporting that the official PlayStationNL Twitter account has posted that some people based in the US, Europe, and Japan are currently testing the PlayStation Network. Sony is obviously making sure all the changes are working before starting to switch the service back on around the world.

Meanwhile over at ShopToNews an article is reporting that the official PlayStation site in Japan has issued an update for users. It says that Sony Japan is getting ready to bring PSN back online as soon as possible. The post continues by saying that Sony is making encryption stronger, and will introduce new warning systems for early detection of attacks.

They have also upgraded the system to prevent vulnerabilities and protect user’s information. While no actual date is given it must be close to coming back online. With any luck Sony will have PSN back by the weekend which will be great news for its millions of users.

Do you think the service will be resumed by the weekend?

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  • markobigarm

    new update to download on network, must be coming back on very soon!!

  • DuH1


  • ThumbsUpIfPSNForLife

    If You Think Xbox Live Is Safe Take A Look At Windows With All The Viruses And The Hacking And Illegal Softwares Etc. Etc. Xbox Live Will Get Hacked One Day Just Wait For IT All PS3 Users Will Laugh At Them

  • PSN For Life 1997

    You Go Buy An Xbox 360 And I Hope You All Feel Safe In Your Little Xbox Live Microsoft World But Look At Windows How Many Times Does That Get Viruses And Hacked And People Running Illegal Softwares On It Etc Etc. Im Sticking With PSN Because Im A Real Gamer Not A Impacient Little Spoilt Brat That Sucks On There Mommas Tits Till They Get What They Want.

  • Bullspit

    I have all 3 consoles. However, 99% of my online gaming was on the PSN. Since it went down, I haven't been able to play with my friends that are 1000 miles away because they only own a ps3. Come the frak on Sony!!! Get the network back on!!

  • i lie to you

    o wait. it is back, but not to all. sorry. next gen tactics said it should be back by 11:59 EST May 14, 2011 though if that helps

    • i tell the truth

      Yep – this one is true – midnight tonight. No one will believe this, but it will be back 1am Sunday morning.

  • i lie to you


  • CRCB

    I find it odd that the blog is so silent right now. We've all seen the leaderboard updates. We've seen the online indicator maps. We've read the reports of devs using the network. We've heard the rumors of a huge firmware update that could take an hour.

    So… Is the blog silent in a sorry attempt to keep everyone from logging in at once as soon as it's up or are we overspeculating on an imminent return of online gaming that isn't really imminent?

    • i tell the truth

      If you were them, would you say exactly when it was coming back online? I know its what the fans have been after, but it just doesn't make sense to have millions all signing in at the same time, as annoying to us it might seem.


    Sony never by the end of May, they only said they hope to have it fully functional by the end of May, that means some services like the PS store may not work right away. Learn to read you ignorant British fool's

  • guest

    HAHA i love my ps3 but really an exact date is too hard. JUST GIVE ME PS3 multiplayer. I'm freakin out my XBL ran out and ps3 is down. Its the apacolypse

  • strider367

    In 1 or 2 days no soon no shortly no within a week. Back to soon again by end of this week no shortly again. At least not within a few days no shortly no very soon. Aaaarrrrggggghhhhhhhh………….

  • dddddfff

    i wouldnt expect it to be up this weekend. maybe next week?

  • Belpierp10

    Sony is full of it, but that does not mean there system is…………..and I think there no console out there that can compare with the technology the PS3 has,so trade in yours (foolishly) because of your feeling down and you cant control your emotions and I bet when the new PSN goes online those same emotions will make you buy it back in no time lol lol lol

  • joe

    Psn Should be up soon howevre weekend may be pressing sony to much – the testers have lives 2. but Xbox 360 can suck my **** Psn forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Socomfan

    People keep saying they cant wait to play crack ops , socom 4 way better

  • Unknown

    Hope you ps3 users realize that now that psn has been hacked…it will continued to be hacked over and over and over again. Have fun!

  • kill


  • ItsEasyActually

    The official PSN Facebook app is being rebuilt, checked it last night. Certain devs are getting their grimy paws on the new, yet shaky, PSN severs. It'll be up soon for the online gaming part of it. i know that much. Current ETA from myself is Saturday-Tuesday for the "back online" date to occur. Given the track record however, it won't be till the end of the week if not the end of the month.

  • 2028

    I noticed nearly all of the negative comments are gone. I guess all the idiots really did switch to 360

  • ANDERS-1981-

    I hope its back on soon Ive bought a pair of turtle beach Dpx 21 headphones Ready to kick ass lol

  • huzzah

    The whole lot of you are bloody idiots, trading your effin PS3 for an XBOX just because you're impatient spoiled brats who cannot wait a few weeks for them to maximize the safety of the system so you'll be protected. Geez if you live on gaming then you seriously have mental problems which need to get checked out. It's not going to kill you to go out a bit with your friends (if you have friends that is) and if you don't go and meet new people!

    If you jackasses think you can fix it much faster than Sony then go ahead and do it, if not SHUT UP. Thank god I am a rational person who has the decency to wait in a civilized manner, why on god's earth would I trade my PS3 for an XBOX just because I can't be patient. SUCH A THING CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE, ANY CORPORATION, ANY COMPUTER, ANY HOME, I don't see you going to trade your PC because it got hacked. You people are douches but good riddance less immature a-holes to go around. Have fun on your XBOX.

  • larry

    lets so it

  • thegamecollector

    Guys trading in ps3s just to play black ops really?Ur gonna trade in ur system to barely get a 100$ just to play
    blackops thats really sad.Who ever follows this trend needs to get a life.Go get l.a.noire that should hold u over until we get back online.

  • John Thompson

    People who trade their ps3 in for an xbox, are dicks. It's been off for near a month, not the end of the world like. Find something else to do, and stop bitching about it. Sony is still the best corporation out there, shit happens.

  • BenjaminVonGrimm

    When you actually get some proper information, Post it!
    Stop rewording the same information over and over again to get traffic to your lame site.

  • Aeon

    Do we want it? YES! Will it? Nope!

  • markobigarm

    whos right? is psn back on this weekend or is it end of may, does anybody know or what?

  • chris

    had enough of your lies sony. you talk out of your arse

  • Does it matter

    well i dont care how long it takes just get it fixed Sony. Anyway all the nobs on PSN are now getting a Xbox YEY!

  • Guest

    It's about time Sony! Don't like playing Xbox

  • bgfbfg

    u can only hope only if there was sum way we could see wut they r doing at the company to get PSN back instead of getting these BS time dates but if it does come back imma be a happy motherfucka

  • ThisIsBS!

    The network will be back online in a year. This s..t is getting rediculous!!! I have a PS3 but thank god I have an xbox to get my online gaming fix. I'm not sure why everyone is pissed at those who got an xbox due to this outage, with the horrible way Sony has kept us informed, whey should they expect us to be loyal to them? I mean come one, today is May 13th, the last update on their blog is May 10th!! Three days without an update is TOTALLY UNEXCEPTABLE!!!

  • Robbie

    yea probably wont be up until the end of the month, bull shit, most people dont care how long the rest to psn take to get online as long as we can play games online uickly lol… but hurry up im gettin pissed off now… nearly a month now .. what a joke

  • guest

    PSN is coming back on by end of may.. Go on BBC news

    • Vladimir

      That means the whole of the PSN. Matchmaking is most likely to be much sooner.

    • Gehennakat

      Lol, yeah your impatience is going to get them going. PSN FULL services will be back by end of May, they've announced several times the online gaming will be back before the end of the month. Planned phasing in of services…

  • dogg

    yes please! i need my black-ops…..and all thoise xbox users can go jump! i'll never trade mine in. PS£ all the way! (if its back up this weekend) lol

  • Steve

    So will it comeback Saturday?

  • last chance sony

    hurry the hell up and put the online gaming back….i dont care how long the rest of it takes. just get the gaming back….ive had enoughhhhhhhhhhhhhh of these delays………

    you got to tomorrow SONY, or im going with xbox

  • steven dalton

    oh yea course we want it bk wt do you think we are waitin 4 daft 2 ask us this question hope to be back on soon as we all missin psn lol iv jus got special forces so wanna try tht online its no0t bad on career tho its like 50 cent blood on the sand

  • will


  • ecky1984

    it doesnt matter anyway now its been hacked it will happen again and again, say goodbye to psn

    • Vladimir

      Xbox was hacked in 2007. That isnt done over & over again

  • Koori504

    Ofcourse It won't come up this weekend, there is no ETA, I'm sure testing PSN would take a lot of timw, oh well, we r still waiting

  • markobigarm

    Might be back on black ops by weekend, good stuff!!!!!

  • nufc


  • ZombiesssPlayerrr


  • treadstone

    Im just hoping that they will switch it back On immediately when its ready and not do a corporate move of making it 31 May or June 1st. We are all still breathing…wont be long now.

  • Guest

    Come on SONY!!

  • jon

    yes sir.

  • neo

    no they are not telling us just how bad the problem is for our american servers

  • powmoe420

    best news ive had all month, lets just hope their are no setbacks. The zombies have been running wild all month

    • JOn

      Got to level 41 alone and forgot that it would never be seen by anyone else…watse of time

    • saint_nick66

      I know….those damn zombies are eating me alive when im in there by myself!

  • Seattleboi18

    Just do whatever y'all gotta do… I think 360 has better online but PS3 is a better system!! I would never trade my Playstation in

  • carl

    im not hoping! im praying lol. im thinking end of this weekend, sun???? sounds like japan and us will be first so ye sun! it best be coz this is getting to me now! xbox nxt week for me if its still down> sony can can shuv there free psn pluss for month up there butt if it ant on this weekend

    • nufc

      sameee !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • kilzyo

        play station plus for a year, thats what i read

    • Gehennakat

      More than free PS +, two free games, Plus services, and depending on what games you play bonus cash and XP. DCUO players have been told they're getting 10 free marks of distinction..

  • SOnyHater

    cut the chase, stop posting these stuff over again, bye

  • xMeRk–x

    It's about time!

  • dAZ

    Are you hoping for the service to be resumed by the weekend? Duh, YEAH!!!!!!

  • kevin

    Thats a stupid ass question. What do you think?

    • EI8HT08

      Yeah how many articles can be written speculating when the service will be back up, seriously! Sony's last statement issued on 11/05 said it would be at least a few more days. At least a few days would suggest no less than 4 days which would be Sun here in Australia. With that in mind we know that, no it's not likely to be up.

      We are all frustrated and articles like this only make things worse. We can only go off what we've actually been told which is vague at best.