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New iPhone Patent: Adjustable Voice Output

Apple has filed for yet more patents, this time one that reveals non-traditional communications. The first patent ‘Adjustable voice output based on device status.’ If this patent gets the go ahead, a future iPhone could be using voice to warn users of their battery status.

Apple’s new patent suggests status reports would be activated through various buttons being pressed and depending on which buttons are clicked will determine which status you get. From the diagrams featured in the article at Slashgear if a button is double-clicked it could give a battery status reading.

This reading would vary depending on the level of the battery. When the battery is full the voice may sound enthusiastic and when low the voice may sound weakened.

Another patent is ‘Input devices and methods of operation.’ This suggests use of pressure sensors and when touching buttons or nearly touching buttons feedback is offered.

More details on both these patents and drawings of how the designs would function can be found in the full article by clicking the link above. What do you think of the new patents? Let us know in the comments below.


  • darkglove

    What a waste of effort. Once again, Apple showing that fancy is more important than function. Who in their right mind wants a battery consuming battery level indicator? It might as well fire a 1.5 petawatt laser into the sky to display your remaining battery life in nanoseconds.


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