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Math Pets! 1.0: Educational math action game

Stimulate your mind using this fun arithmetic application. Math Pets! 1.0 is an educational math action game for the iPad.

Learn the basics of adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying using Math Pets! The wonderfully animated 2D application by Jiayi Chong helps the user with individual math problems. Customize games and start by choosing a pet to take you through each game. Monitor your progress each time with a graph and create your own animal whilst playing.

There are 4 individual games to keep your attention these include running from a rolling snowball in an ice cave, rescuing rabbits from flying creatures by calculating numbers, moving out the way of ice crystals and getting creatures to fight monsters attacking a castle. Try out the many different ways to customize your pet using colors, shading, movement and shapes.

A tutorial video will help guide you through the design of a created pet. Make your own Math Pet and choose from a large amount of body part images. Use a horse’s head on a bird’s body or put tail on. Adapt your pet to make a unique style creature. Math Pets move in realistic ways adopted much like those of real creatures.

Learning math can be a fun, educational and entertaining with Math Pets! 1.0. For more information, visit the App Store.



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