iOS 4.3.3 update has caused Wi-Fi problems for some users

By Gary Johnson - May 13, 2011

Almost two weeks ago Apple released its latest iOS update. It was released to fix a bug with the well documented location tracking issues. But unfortunately the iOS 4.3.3 update has caused Wi-Fi problems for some users.

An article over at is reporting that many users have been complaining on Apple’s support forums, that they have had difficulties connecting to W-Fi hotspots. Users have found after updating the iOS software their device keeps dropping the connection or the device keeps disconnecting and reconnecting.

Some users have not been able to connect their device at all. There have also been reports of the device showing the wrong Wi-Fi status. Some have tried using devices still running iOS 4.3.1 in the same room, and these have worked correctly.

For the time being there is no permanent fix for the problem, but temporary fixes that can be tried are turning Wi-Fi off and on in iOS, and resetting the network settings on the device. This is not the first time there has been problems with Wi-Fi connections with iOS updates, and the current issues have been affecting owners of all iOS devices.

Have you experienced any problems with your Wi-Fi connection since updating to iOS 4.3.3?

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  • My iPad is useless now that my iPad can’t connect to wi-fi!

  • Luisgl

    Yes. I'm having problems with wifi conection. And i conn t and disconn t o solv them.