Google Chromebook Price vs. iPad and Windows

By Gary Johnson - May 13, 2011

We have already covered the new Google Chromebook quite a lot since it was first announced recently. Now we are looking at the Google Chromebook price vs the iPad and Windows.

Nicholas Kolakowski over at is wondering if the cloud based Google Chromebook could find itself sandwiched between Windows and tablets. The lightweight Samsung Chromebook will cost $429 for the Wi-Fi model, and $499 for the 3G version. Google are planning to offer the device to business and educational institutions on a subscription basis.

It will be offered with a cloud management program so administrators can organize apps, devices, and polices. The business edition will cost $28 each month per user, and an education edition will be $20. But if you do want a subscription you will have to sign up to a three year contract.

But this will give users access to enterprise level support, warranties and replacements, and hardware updates. If you sign up for the three year contract on the business edition it will cost you $1,008, or the education version will be $720, this price brings the Chromebook to a level of powerful PCs using Windows 7.

The Chromebook will also be up against the Apple iPad and other tablets, where many consumers opting for a tablet in preference to a netbook. So Google will have to prove that Chromebook’s can compete with a top of the range laptop, and provide updates and improvements to offer a good value alternative.

Will you be considering the Google Chromebook?

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  • Guil

    In your analysis you forgot the fact that Verizon gives 100 MB of 3G data per month. By comparison, T-Mobile offers 200 MB for $10 a month but it's a special offer. So one can easely say that those 100 MB cost about $7.50 per month (correct me there, I don't live in the US so I'm not used to the prices). Assuming that price is correct, the enteprise and student costs for the Chromebook are $738 and $450. Definitely, the enteprise offer is not a good one, you would be better of buying it and that the T-Mobile offer.

    But then again, from what I understand, those offers are to rent the Chromebook, not buy it. As always, renting comes with a fee, they're defenitely not gonna give the Chromebook away.

  • paulaoneal

    Chrome OS is still that: an OS, running locally on the hardware. It still has a Linux kernel, which is not immune to attacks, nor is the browser. And you have a user in front of the screen, which is 100% of the reason why social engineering attacks work.