Xperia Play PSone game sales slow: Sony not concerned

By Chris Cook - May 12, 2011

As you may be aware by now Sony Ericsson launched their much hyped Xperia Play not so long ago. Since then they have released five PSone games for the device but in our news today it is revealed that the sales of these games are slow.

Since the games were launched on the Android Market early last month less than 1,000 units have been sold. This would cause some concern for most companies but apparently Sony is ‘unconcerned’.

The news comes from an article at PlayStationLifeStyle which reports that Dominic Neil-Dwyer, head of market development at Sony Ericsson, told them despite the low sales the Xperia Play is ‘shaking up’ the mobile.

The lack of concern comes from the belief that the exclusive games and gaming feature that the Xperia Play has will pay off in the long run. They are very happy with the device. Check out the full article by clicking the link above for more details on the Sony’s lack of concern.

Do you have an Xperia Play? What do you think of the games? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Axel

    I don't see the phone department getting any damage since they profit from the phone & not the games they are fine
    and the new's is regarding the PSX(one) sales, which most people have the orginal copy for the game or downloaded from psn
    the phone on many fourm's is given B or C for the added game pad and from what I can tell most people use emulators to play there games.

  • ashfoxx

    I don't think Sony has a reason to be concerned about PSOne games selling poorly on the Xperia. They have sold the same PSOne games over several different platforms, and somehow make a profit on every front. After all, the original disk releases were massive profits (for most, especially the pictured game Crash Bandicoot), and all thats really involved in putting an existing property on another medium is a little bit of coding, and not as much money as was put into the initial birth of the title. Sony has nothing to lose, but everything to gain with the PSOne titles, so why does anyone even think this would concern them?

    Especially since they are still working on that tiny little problem with their PSN. The sales on the Xperia are probably far from their priorities at this time.

  • TheGordonShumway

    The way I see it, low sales were to be expected.

    Casual gamers will probably be content with the half-dozen games pre-loaded on the system. It will be a while before they become bored with those games or finish them. Even then, there are so many "Xperia-enhanced" games in addition to the PS One games, which are themselves hidden on a separate page, that players are probably downloading those games instead of the PS Ones. On top of that, many younger casual gamers may not know much about those older games, and would not be willing to pay to download them. The lack of demos is another factor that would limit sales.

    Another buyer demographic is the emulator crowd, which make up a large chunk of the Xperia Play userbase. These users are downloading emulators on the Play for everything from the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, to SNES and Game Boy Advanced. They've probably already loaded PlayStation One emulators on the device, and have more games to play than the Xperia currently provides on their legitimate store. They certainly aren't likely to pay to play these classic games.

    Finally, we have the hardcore gamer or PlayStation fan. They know full well that the real PlayStation Store hasn't even launched yet, and that if they buy games now on the Xperia, and then want to play the same game on the PS3 or PSP, they will have to re-purchase. These players will certainly wait to see what the official PlayStation Store offers before purchasing any PlayStation content on the Xperia.

    If Sony and Sony Ericsson want to turn this around then it's quite simple. Firstly, they need to have demos of the PS One games, so that people are more willing to pay for them. Then, they need to fully integrate the PlayStation Store, so that PSP and PS3 users can pay for games using PSN cards, and they can play their existing library of compatible PS One games on an Xperia, and so that new purchases can be played on any PlayStation device. Once that happens, the sales will come.