Xbox 360 Consoles Up 60% Over Last Year, PSN Related?

By Jamie Pert - May 12, 2011

We have just read some interesting information on Twitter thanks to some tweets from Larry Hryb aka MajorNelson, apparently Xbox 360 sales are up 60% when compared to figures from last year, this has resulted in the Xbox 360 continuing to be the best selling console of 2011.

MajorNelson works for Xbox Live and you can see his tweets for yourself here, he suggests that he got the information from the NPD (National Purchase Diary), therefore the information should be pretty accurate, however one thing to remember is that the NPD only tracks the North American market.

We have attempted to contact MajorNelson to see if there has been a spike in sales since the day that Sony pulled the plug on the PSN, at the time of this post we had not received a reply, however we will update the article if we do receive one.

Since the PSN outage we have heard lots of frustrated gamers are jumping across to the Xbox 360 rather than wait for Sony to rectify the problems, we now wonder if the 60% increase in Xbox 360 sales (when compared to last year) has anything to do with this.

There is no doubt that Microsoft must be seeing an increase in sales following all of the downtime, we just wonder how many hundreds, thousands or millions have given up on Sony’s PS3. Do you think jumping ship to the Xbox 360 after 3 weeks of outage is is disloyal or understandable?

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