Xbox 360 Consoles Up 60% Over Last Year, PSN Related?

By Jamie Pert - May 12, 2011

We have just read some interesting information on Twitter thanks to some tweets from Larry Hryb aka MajorNelson, apparently Xbox 360 sales are up 60% when compared to figures from last year, this has resulted in the Xbox 360 continuing to be the best selling console of 2011.

MajorNelson works for Xbox Live and you can see his tweets for yourself here, he suggests that he got the information from the NPD (National Purchase Diary), therefore the information should be pretty accurate, however one thing to remember is that the NPD only tracks the North American market.

We have attempted to contact MajorNelson to see if there has been a spike in sales since the day that Sony pulled the plug on the PSN, at the time of this post we had not received a reply, however we will update the article if we do receive one.

Since the PSN outage we have heard lots of frustrated gamers are jumping across to the Xbox 360 rather than wait for Sony to rectify the problems, we now wonder if the 60% increase in Xbox 360 sales (when compared to last year) has anything to do with this.

There is no doubt that Microsoft must be seeing an increase in sales following all of the downtime, we just wonder how many hundreds, thousands or millions have given up on Sony’s PS3. Do you think jumping ship to the Xbox 360 after 3 weeks of outage is is disloyal or understandable?

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  • Come ON!!

    I purchased a reburbished 4 gig at gamestop for $139 and a used copy of MW2 for $29 for a grand total of $168 plus tax to play online. This isn't a drop in the bucket for me. I don't have any brand loyalty to Sony, the way they are keeping us, THEIR customers, in the dark, F..K them!!

  • ThatOneGuy

    Dude if you have to go out and make you Mom buy you a new system because the network has been down for a while then your a fag. You probably miss talking to your boyfriend(s) online and you guys made a pact to throw away all of your Sony products as some kind of gay boycot. I laugh at kids like you that have no life and no social skills and have to sit in yout moms basement playing games all day. I'm actually glad the network it down cuz I lost about 10 lbs. Already from sitting on my ass all day. All I'm tryna say is that you don't need to go and get all red cuz you can't play online.. Just wait and stop being such a pussy.


  • patrick

    "man i am so pissed at sony that just cause i have no life, im gonna buy a $300 console, some type of gold membership, some games, and all that..hell ill probably even have to pay up to $500 cause i aint got no patience and would rather spend all my money on something that is exactly like my ps3..hell, id rather whack off because i cant get a girlfriend as well" <—-thats my impersonation of what i think people are saying due to the psn outage

  • ashfoxx

    I wonder how much of that 60% is new consoles, and what % are used consoles. I imagine Micro$oft might make SOME amount of hardware profit from people buying used, I don't know how it works.

  • Chase

    I will always be with sony and ps3!!

  • brendan

    just stupid, if your willing to spend more money to get a very similar console, just cos u cant play online for a little while, whens it free anyway ><

  • Switch to Xbox

    Well I'll put it like this, Psn is now famous for being an unstable network, Sony doesn't give 2 shits about it's customers, constantly delaying, updates, broken promises, data breaches, etc… If everyone switched it would make sense I know I did. I sold everything in my house that said Sony. Sound extreme? Yes. More people need to change consoles(but won't) in order to send a clear message to Sony. You guys fucked up and should let us pick the games we want for free, double xp for a month, and a free lifetime subscription as a plus member. This move still wouldnt give me any reason to ever join Sony again. Xbox is pretty nice at least their network is more reliable.