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Sugar Rush 1.0: Simple but fun game for iPhone

A fun easy to use application allowing your indulge your sweet tooth without having to make a dentist appointment in here. Sugar Rush 1.0 is a simple but fun game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

As a tiny orange critter, you have many different sweet desserts to get through. The more you eat the higher you bounce in the sky. Certain sweets will help you obtain greater heights and powers for a limited time. Sugar Rush by MC Development lets you stuff allsorts like candies, ice creams and cakes just tilt your device to eat the sweets.

You will get certain tasty bonuses made available when you reach over 100 points. The further you get less sweets are accessible even though the extra bonuses are larger. Make sure you keep munching away or you will drop down. After you get 100 points, you can save yourself by jumping. Get those rare cupcakes using the infinite jumping space.

With unique music, beautiful graphics and great natural sounds Sugar Rush is a brilliant addition to game apps. For more details, visit the App Store.



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