Pre-PSN Back Up, Truths Posted Online

By Tina Chubb - May 12, 2011

The PlayStation Network has been down for almost a month now and as we mentioned in an article this morning, we are still none the wiser as to when it will be back up online. While there are still some Sony customers who are standing by the company, there are others who have had enough.

Al McCarthy over on the website has published a rather interesting article today, regarding the feedback they’ve received following a question they asked their readers the day beforehand on whether or not they were getting frustrated with the whole PSN fiasco.

After studying all of the complaints that have surfaced online and reading up on the subject, one PlayStation Network fan decided to post what they believe are undeniable truths on the matter. The fan claims that Sony became the victim of a malicious attack because they decided to sue a hacker.

They also go on to state that hackers are some of the most brilliant minds in the cyber world, and there is virtually no limit to what they can do. As the fan notes, many companies get attacked, but they don’t tell their customers so other fans should relish in the fact that Sony is providing them with a play-by-play.

Another interesting point that the fan hits on is the fact that although online gaming is good, there are plenty of good games that can be played offline such as Dead Space 2, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain. You can read more of this fans truths posted online via

Do you agree with what this fan has to say?

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  • Gameplayer

    Xbox blows.

  • ashfoxx

    ummm. You folks do know that you can have more than one controller linked to your PS3 right? Nothing better than local multiplayer.

  • RJTalbott

    First,……. What I believe is irrelevant. What I know is that the week after next I will be starting Classes. This is last week I giving PSN a chance. If its not back up, I'm turnin in my PS3 and gettin an XBOX. Believe me when I say I have always gone with a PS, but this is like having an IPhone without internet service…Its cool but useless. I SAY IF SONY WONT GIVE US A DEADLINE THEN WE GIVE THEM ONE. JOIN ME IN A CAMPAIGN TO TELL THEM THEY HAVE TILL MAY 19. THEN WE ALL GO TO XBOX.

  • Sebastian

    I think that it's good to play some games offline, get your money's worth ya'know? But I seriously disagree with hackers being praised in this instance. The hackers that attacked Sony did nothing but threaten millions of customers identities. what was gained in the attack? Microsoft seems to be sittin pretty due to the outrage of former Playstation fans, buying up Xboxs just to stay online.
    I'm sticking by Sony only because I think it's ridiculous to have to pay monthly to access any online feature.

  • THE Average Joe

    heck no
    I dont have any good non-online multiplayer games so when psn went down I flipped
    soon I feel like im gonna go into withdraw if its down any longer

    I dont care what hackers do, until their hacks affect me so now im p o 'd

  • bigz

    Yes i agree with the fans you could also complete un finished games

  • lieutenantDAN

    sigh…….. i guess psn will be back up by the end of this weekend… i hope. i just really dont want to see them drag this till the end of the month

  • wiz khalifa

    ur an idiot

  • brianb

    I admire the fact that Sony admitted they where hacked. What I don't appreciate is the fact that Sony kept it hush hush for over a week knowing there was a possibility that peoples personal information had been compromised. Other than that, psn being down is just a inconvenience. Get a life people, find something useful to do. Our country is in shambles and people are more upset about psn being down. Get your priorities straight people. Oh, and about hackers being brilliant minds. Give me a break, are you serious? There's nothing brilliant about hiding behind a keyboard and stealing peoples personal information. When a hacker prevents a terrorist attack or solves world hunger I might change my mind. And don't sell my email add to anyone plz

  • gabesburnt

    I do aree with what the "fan" says. As a gamer since the early 80's I personally enjoy many games that do not involve online play; sports games, fighting games, rpg's, ect. "Play Station" has had a great product since day one. I do also own an "X Box" but still hold a preference to my "PS3" People also need to realize that "Microsofts" network could feasibly crash or be hacked unlikely but not impossible. Makes me wonder if they would be as upfront about it as "Sony" has. By the way "Netflix" still works on my PS3. I suppose age has taught me patience, and I'm sure "Sony" will make up this inconvienience one way or another. Untill then spend some quality time with your wife/girlfriend or whatever floats your boat, time after all goes by quicker when you're occupied.

  • benz

    first comment! anyways UGH still down fix it sony!!

  • quise

    I completely agree with the unnamed ps3 fan. All we can do is wait it out. Once this is all over and the network is back up you know its going to be a lot better than it was before. I sure as hell am not getting an Xbox.

  • tackster

    No, hackers do not have brilliant minds, as brilliant would suggest something positive. Malevolent is a better description of hackers. To give hackers any legitimacy at all is dead wrong. There are "brilliant" ways of handling the problems hackers claim to be addressing, unfortunately hackers are pursuing destructive and harmful methods instead. Hackers are truly a waste; they simply do not have the basic and fundamental understanding that when something belongs to someone else, you may not do whatever you want to/with it.

  • ethagydgyduy

    so when is it going to be up ………………………………DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joejohn


  • cole (manrays1) ps3

    Yes, you can play singleplayer, but for people like me, I beat single player before I go online, so the only thing I can do latter on mortal kombat and ny player on nba 2k11, I'm buy a game just to do singleplayer!

  • tc31wizard

    Totally understand everyone's frustrations, but also understand that this is NOT Sony's fault either and although I feel they should have been more forth coming in the very beginning I will stand by Sony and sincerely hope the servers and store are back on-line soon. I miss playing online, but more so my friends.

  • alicia

    thankyou you give more information than sony does at least your truthful

  • Goward

    Yeah it's probably true, however they need to fix the errors that in the network anyway I think you reap what you sow I mean, if you look at how they have glitches in games like Metal slug but don't bother to fix it even though the online part is the whole game, and the fact that you can't play final fight without being plugged into the network even though you bought it, they kind of had this coming, everyone please say Jesus is lord, and I believe Jesus died on the cross, and arose from the dead peace.

  • Dean


  • chris

    dont think lbp story is that fun already got plat might play uncharted now i havent played for days just prizerebeling

  • Screw713

    All this Psn situation is retarded first of all these hackers were smart with what they did but why screw over Sony because screwin them over is like screwin over millions of ppl man those faggots needa life instead of messin with.people.!

  • josh

    this is was no help when will it be back up

  • George

    He's right, people are so frustratingly stupid.

  • daddy

    No, I don't agree!
    We pay for out game systims even if we don't pay for online gaming we still want it back, fuck this ps3 is going out the window, I'm moving to xbox live and psn can go up sonys 4 letterd ass!

  • Nick



    this is such bullshit they just keep telling us the same damn shit im getting fucking sick and tierd of this they need to tell use what is really going on and if we will even get our accounts back or if they have to start a new server get your shit together psn


    Honestly I'm so fed up with PS. Originally PS stated they would be up within a week but that clearly was not the case. I'm almost at the point of no return with their lack of information and the fact that it took them way too long to inform their millions of customers that our credit card information was compromised. If PSN is not up within a couple of days I am trading my PS3 in for an XBOX 360.

    • ashfoxx

      *slow clap* Originaltiy ftw- never mind, you failed.

  • oscar

    What exactly is the point of this article? I think it will be back on may 18 since sonys said that people have till the 18 of june to get that ins policy. Why would they give that date if they thought otherwise.

  • justiceforall


  • jambon

    OK, this is stupid now… really…. does anyone know when this stupid system will be up and running again? the thing is, many people from many different countries and walks of life like to play online. I run a busy business and love to (once a week at the most) get online and unwind. I always went with PS3 becuase i was really happy to play online as little or often as l liked without having to pay. All this has now made me feel is sod it get out and play outside…. these people are really stupid enough not to give us any feedback????

    So come on does anyone know when this is back online before I pay someone to design an "I hate ps3 website"??

    • ashfoxx

      Wait… You run a busy business, but you have been playing outside? Sorry maybe it's the way you typed it, but that confused me.

  • Alex Mason

    I WANT BLACK OPS!!!!!!!!!!

  • john

    they have actually got some point there;) i will forever stand by on sony, keep up the good work;) as we are all looking forward unto our brand new playstation network, as i plan to trade in my fat ps3 into a slim ps3 next week 😉

    • devon

      Stay strong bro, thats what im talking about 🙂

  • tj278128

    i just want the psn to be back up to play COD with my friends whoevr haked sony is a complete retard and should go to frekin prison

  • Rob

    Sony please sort this mess out soon!

  • Calmdownguyz

    I agree, this is inconvenient but not unbearable, since this happened I've learnt some Korean and been able to study for my exams. These guys ARE geniuses and yes, they do seem to have no limit to what they can do. At least Sony actually told us what happened, after a while, and are trying to resolve the problem

  • Rob

    Sony please sort out the mess you are in soon

  • Noname

    I just finished up the story on both uncharted games, there's plenty to do aside from video games while psn is down, but I want it up NOWWW.

  • PBOW

    Yeah people need to be patient and play offline. Demon's souls is another good one to play offline. If you need your fps fix borderlands is excellent as well.

  • Raquel

    Yea, the “play other stuff” is all well and good for PSN users…but SOE users don’t have that luxury! We are stuck with NOTHING but a blank screen, and we have had NO updates at all on when SOE will be up, or if they’re even working on it!

  • Samir

    lmfao who would play littlebig planet offline?

    • ashfoxx

      I do, I play both of them local with my wife and friends because the people online either never let me join a game, or troll all the time. Online is overrated. I just want my DLC and digital download games.