PlayStation Network downtime now affecting retail, PS3s being traded

By Gary Johnson - May 12, 2011

We still have no date for when the PlayStation Network will finally be back online, with the outage fast approaching one month now. Millions of PS3 owners have had the inconvenience of not being able to access online features of their prized console. Now we can report the PlayStation Network downtime is now affecting retail, and many PS3’s are being traded.

Nathan Brown from Edge is reporting there are more gamers now trading their consoles for cash or an Xbox 360. There has also been an obvious slump in sales for PSN point’s cards, and less pre-orders for anything PS3. On store manager from a major UK retailer has said that from the second week of the outage saw a 200% increase in PS3 being traded in.

These trade-ins have been split equally between cash and Xbox 360s. Another independent retailer also told the site they had seen a huge increase in PS3 consoles being traded in, and added it was mainly gamers who played the same game online.

A Belgian retailer said that it is normal for people to trade their consoles towards the end of each month to raise some money. But this time people have brought in all their games as well, and instead of cash were wanting an Xbox 360. Gamers have said it’s because they wanted to play Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2.

It is also affecting preorders for the game Brink with many people canceling their version for the PS3, and changing to the Xbox 360 version. Of course this is just a small proportion of traders, and may not be the case everywhere

Have you thought about trading in your PS3 for an Xbox 360?

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  • rji

    I love the people who say…get a life do something else….WHY ARE YOU HERE?Hypocrites!!!!Instead of talking to us don't you have something better to do?Apparently not.Girlfriend…..guess you don't….bye!Have a nice day!

  • ashfoxx

    Who else has been backcataloging to playing their old PS1 games on PS3? Dude, I forgot how f*cking AWESOME Die Hard Trilogy was! And the disk doesn't even work on my orig. PlayStation, only on my PS3! Due to this factor alone, my PS3 not only will never be traded, but it won't ever leave my side!

    I've also been replaying through Beyond Good and Evil on my orig. Xbox. I barely noticed the outage since 🙂

  • youtube FlameRevenge

    Lol ps3 for Xbox not a chance i have over 20games on ps3 and am not trading, ill buy xbox and have 2 consoles but trading one for another not going to happen, unless ps4 comes out then ill trade in ps3 for it lol

  • maddog1333

    i wouldn't give up ps3 i would just buy another xbox and have 2 consols

  • Ps3 all the way!

    I love my ps3 and I would never trade my system with an xbox. I had my ps3 for 3 yrs now and its still in good condition. My bro has an xbox and I played with it a couple of times and it suks cus I hate the controler. Any ways ill wait for the psn to come back. Im very pateint when it comes to things. Besides im injoying the weather outside.

  • CyraxForever

    Lol I cant believe people are trading in their $300 PS3 consoles to get back a third in cash of what they paid for it. Give me a break. I agree with Callum. Browse the selection of awesome single player games. Play mortal kombat. You can't play online? Well, get some friends. Kick their butt. That way you can actually talk smack and it's not over a stupid microphone to some kid 10 states away. It's a Blu-Ray player and has Netflix. Use the spare time to catch up and movies (with your girlfriend or boyfriend, if you have one) and find some new TV shows to watch. It's not the end of the world. True PS3 fans will stick it out to the end. Just be patient.

  • dean

    everybody is going crazy.. all they want to do is play black ops and get ranked up! Nerds:L But its starting to piss me off that its nearly been off for a month now.. and thinking of trading it in.. in the next 2 weeks if its not on! i never thought i would do it , but if its not on within the next 2 weeks im trading it in:)

  • feckerbear

    pathetic !!! ps3 till i die !!

  • RNZz

    hahaha i feel sorry for the people that is so desperate for games… don't they ever feel like or think hmm maybe i should get some friends and maybe get a girfriend or so? i have a ps3 and i couldn't care less if it is down or not.. when it comes back gratzz. then i can play one or two hours…

  • nash

    sony is screwing up. they better act fast, and give a better package than what they're offering when they finally do get back online. i knew this would happen, hell people started trading in around my area a week or a week and a half after the outage. there's lots of impatient kids out there who need to play COD. this is a "got to have it right now at this very second" society. i personally think it's funny that people are doing this, because sony deserves it for the way they handled it. i know it's not their fault that their security was breached, but i feel no sorrow for a couple with such weak security.

  • Guesty

    No, because DC Universe Online is PS3 exclusive. All the FPS fanboys are getting attention, but those of us who pay for a service aren't. Awesome.

  • Callum

    Oh how I laugh at those addicted to that infernal game, par the need to change my bank details, this PSN outage has not affected me in the slightest. I'm disappointed that people decided to change consoles rather than browse the huge variety of single player games out there. Many of which shadow that of Call of Duty, but are forgotten due to the mainstream addiction to online gameplay. Oldcore gamers would not desert their consoles so eagerly just so they can feed their addictions to a game that really should have stopped being made after CoD4..

  • zoe

    yes give them till saturday thats it then i will get xbox had anoth of waiting

    • Paul

      MIGHT want to spend the downtime learning how to spell. Just a thought.

    • Junior

      you should stop playing online and learn to write

  • FroznH2o

    It really not that serious. People act like their life is over cause they can't play ONLINE? Pathetic!

    • mike

      Ye but if u drop that amount of money on a console you expect to be able to play it when you want, if it was down for a week maybe 2 then it would be unjustified to start trading it in but its been down for ages and if your one of the people who mostly play online multiplayer its understandable

  • damien

    dont blame people for trading ps3 for xbox but i could not do that, always been a ps person.
    just hope sony would hurry up with psn or update us!

  • DaveyB

    lol the only ones trading in their PS3's are the people who have no faith with Sony. The REAL PS3 gamers will stick it out till the end!!

    • Mehhh

      Yes we have all lost faith.
      Complete let down to every gamer out there. The real ps3 gamers dont exist because theyre not GAMING because they cant get online. So fuck you and fuck anybody else who says were sad. Its called wanting to play and have fun with our friends… Not sit at home doin fuck all in the evenings and wanking off

      • ForeverAnon

        Mehhh is right, I didnt trade mine in yet, but think about it. If they communicated more often and about whats going on, boring or not, I bet you less people would have traded it in. And nobody knows what the welcome back package is. Im sticking it out until its online and i figure out what the package is. If it sucks best believe ill try my damnedest to bring em down. except ill take credit for it instead of hiding.