Nuclear Dawn Game Heading to PC Later This Year

If you’ve been waiting to hear news on when the much-anticipated Nuclear Dawn game would be arriving for the PC, then you are in luck – well sort of anyway. Although they haven’t given a specific release date, Just A Game has announced that it will be heading to PC later this year.

According to a recent article by John2 over at, gamers can expect the Nuclear Dawn title – a multiplayer shooter that combines first-person shooter elements with RTS gameplay – to arrive in the third quarter. The game is in development with Dutch developer, InterWave Studios.

The Nuclear Dawn game – which is based on the Source Engine – provides players with uncompromising multiplayer action, where fast reactions, skill, local knowledge and tactical savviness are a must. Players can choose to play as a soldier from either the Empire, or the Consortium.

Nuclear Dawn enables up to 32 players per map and whether you prefer being a sniper or an assault trooper, you will have plenty of weapons to choose from including rocket launchers, assault weapons and high-precision sniping rifles. The game also features four different classes to choose from.

Besides the four playable classes, gamers will also have the option of taking on the role of Commander. Are you looking forward to playing the Nuclear Dawn game?



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