Nintendo 3DS Getting Pre-Paid Cards for eShop Purchases

By Jamie Pert - May 12, 2011

We have found evidence over at MyNintendoNews which suggest that gamers using the Nintendo 3DS could soon be able to buy pre-paid cards to to use at the handheld’s upcoming eShop.

Nintendo has already stated that the eShop will be coming next month, now we have come across a photo which appears to someone in America holding a $20 Nintendo 3DS prepaid card, we have embedded the photo below.

People using the 3DS will be able to buy all sorts of games and DLC from the Nintendo eShop, therefore these prepaid cards make great gifts, Nintendo hope that the prepaid cards will kickstart the success of the eShop and get people used to buying content from it.

If you have not heard much about the Nintendo eShop you can find out more here, one thing which may excite you is the fact that you will able to purchase classic Game Boy titles from it.

Currently we can only confirm that $20 prepaid cards exist, however we wouldn’t be surprised if other values emerged, what would you like to see? $10, $30, $50? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Nevermind my last inquiry, I just found out in another related story.

    "Not only will the firmware update include the eShop, but it will also provide the functionality to import DSi Ware content from the DSi to 3DS."


    I heard that games you have previously purchased from the DSi Shop can be transferred to the 3DS? Can anyone confirm this. I have many games on my DSi and would like to carry them over to the 3DS so i don't have to rebuy them. Please let me know. thx.