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Motorola Xoom: Android 3.1 Update – Manual Download and Problems

We have some great news for Motorola Xoom owners now, as Google has just released the very latest version of Android for tablets as part of their I/O conference. Android 3.1 is now available for the Xoom as a manual install, and we have the download link for you below.

The update is actually planned to roll out OTA in the next few weeks according to Motorola, but for those of you who are just too eager, you can download it manually now and enjoy all of the features, as reported from Phandroid.

Speaking of features, Android 3.1 for the Xoom will add support for Adobe Flash Player 10.2, USB peripheral support, Movie rentals via the Android Market, Resizable widgets, Bluetooth enhancements and much more.

If you are a Xoom owner, you’d be silly not to download this straight away. The direct download link from Google’s servers can be accessed here. Install it now and let us know how you get on. We’d like to hear if there are any problems with Android 3.1, or if there’s any new issues on your Xoom after installing this.



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