L.A. Noire: Team Bondi Founder Hints at Possible DLC

By Tina Chubb - May 12, 2011

Team Bondi and Rockstar Games’ L.A. Noire game – which is due to arrive in stores next week – has to be one of the most anticipated video games of this year. Just this morning we brought you an article about its launch trailer, and now we have some more interesting news.

It looks like those who buy the upcoming L.A. Noire game could be hearing news about downloadable content or even an expansion pack in the future. As Thierry Nguyen at 1up.com recently noted, Team Bondi founder Brendan McNamara appears to have dropped hints at possible DLC.

During a recent interview with McNamara, the L.A. Noire creator revealed that the studio has got two full desks: burglary and bunko (fraud) that never actually made it into the final game. He then went on to say that they have been thinking about whether they will do them or not.

Bearing in mind that each ‘desk’ in the L.A. Noire game consists of multiple cases, we could be looking at something like Red Dead Redemption’s ‘Undead Nightmare’ expansion. However, McNamara also revealed that the studio is also working on a brand new project idea.

Would you like to see the two new desks arrive as DLC or an expansion pack?

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