Hit iPhone App 101-in-1 Games Comes to Android

By Tina Chubb - May 12, 2011

We have some great news now for all you Android users out there; as we’ve just heard that the hit iPhone app 101-in-1 Games has now made its way to the Android Market. The game made it to the Top 10 games on the iTunes App Store in many countries, including UK, Spain and Germany.

As May Ann Neder over at appmodo.com notes, the 101-in-1 Games application features the greatest-ever collection of games for Android and as the title pretty much explains, comes with 101 different games to choose from ranging from fast-paced arcade action, to racing and puzzle games.

When Android users begin playing the 101-in-1 Games app, they can choose from the first 10 mini-games that are already unlocked and ready to play. Once they start making their way through the games and beating the scores, players will start earning points for every one they complete.

They can then use their points to unlock the other mini-games. Although some of the games do require more points than others to unlock, it does mean that players will earn more for completing them. The variety of the games is endless, from throwing darts and kicking a football to solving puzzles.

Do you like the sound of the 101-in-1 Games app for Android?

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