Fallout: New Vegas DLC for PS3, Honest Hearts Launch When PSN Online

By Jamie Pert - May 12, 2011

People are still wondering when the PSN is coming back online, now we can confirm that the PSN down time has caused the Honest Hearts DLC for PS3 versions of Fallout: New Vegas to be postponed until the Playstation Network is up and running again.

Xbox 360 and PC gamers have been given a date of May 17 for the release of the DLC, however the ongoing PSN problems has caused a disruption to all upcoming downloadable content. This obviously means that PS3 gamers won’t be able to get their hands on the DLC until a later date.

There is some good news, Eurogamer say that Bethesda has said that the DLC will be available at the earliest point of the PSN coming back online, we don’t know when the PSN will be back up, but at least we know that when it is online the Honest Hearts DLC should be readily available.

The effect is widespread and is affecting pretty much all DLC which was scheduled for a May release date, this is resulting in massive financial implications for game developers and published etc. Just to rub salt in the wounds you can see the recently released Honest Hearts debut trailer via this post.

Would you have purchased the PS3 version of the Honest Hearts DLC on its release date? Does the PSN outage spoil the DLC’s hype? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Tyler

    Some games you cant play offline.


    Honestly if i was a huge fan of DLC i would still purchase the game even with PSN offline, say for instance it was August and Madden NFL 12 was about to hit the shelves and PSN was down, i would still buy for its franchise and superstar modes, every game has a single player and the people complaining about not buying games because PSN is down, that a super dumb excuse, your planning to buy it when PSN is back up why not just buy it now and beat the campaign and try gaining every trophy, and for the people who went and bought an X-box, you are NO true fans of Sony, and you treat this matter as if it was Sonys fault, Sony are NOT the hackers they are a company that provide you with FREE online gaming..

    • wolf

      well if we were talking about the game Fallout New Vegas you would be right but this is the dlc, so you can only purchase it online, this means if the PSN is offline you cant buy the game period. the fact that i cant get this dlc at the same time as xbox and pc users really annoys me. this was the first DLC for any fallout game that was to be released at the same time on both xbox and ps3, and because of the PSN being down i can not buy the dlc till who knows when.