Call of Duty Elite: Could be Modern Warfare 3 or COD Online

By Alan Ng - May 12, 2011

Following on from our earlier report which gave you a look at the apparent ‘box art’ for Modern Warfare 3, we now have some new information for you, and it’s pretty juicy. Fresh rumors are now suggesting that Activision has named Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty Elite.

We have a brand new image to show you now, which puts a bit of weight behind this rumor, and you can check it out above – what are your thoughts on it?

This image has surfaced from Electric Hydra forums and reported by Destructoid, although its interesting that the forum post has now completely disappeared. Did Activision have anything to do with that we wonder?

There are some questions being raised as to whether this Call of Duty Elite is specifically related to Activison’s Call of Duty Online project. If that’s true, then it means that the Elite name may not be associated with Modern Warfare 3, and will be two separate games. But that’s just our thinking behind this.

The image certainly looks like a professional design, so we’d be very impressed if it turns out to be a photoshop. Hopefully Activison will clear everything up for us soon, as they did say recently that a Modern Warfare 3 announcement was imminent.

Do you like the name Call of Duty Elite? What are your thoughts / ideas behind this new mystery?

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    I hope it not only online game, cuz i do enjoy the single player campaign and sounds like to me they are just cutting corners??? Isn't every COD game suppose to have Great Multiplayer player anyways. This would be a dumbed down version of COD if it were… IMO.

  • tony

    it could be a team name as in online multiplayer like mw2 i.e seals