Addicted To Angry Birds Online

By Jamie Pert - May 12, 2011

Now that Angry Birds Online is available via the Google Chrome Web Store (here) we wondered how it was going down with you all and whether it is as addictive as smartphone versions.

We tried it out for roughly 15 minutes and it was great, however we must confess we soon uninstalled it as it was just too tempting for us when we saw it splashed in front of us every time we opened a new blank tab.

SInce going live Angry Birds Online has become a trending term on Google and the Twitter response has been huge, however as you would expect the great game is bad news for people who were meant to be studying or working. The nature of the game makes it very addictive, therefore we give it a few days until people get caught playing the game at work and get sacked, not only is the gameplay challenging but the soundtrack seems to get people hooked.

Below we have set up a simple poll to see how the Angry Birds Online game was going down with our readers, feel free to answer the poll so we can gain some feedback as to whether this new online version will be yet another success story for Rovio.

[poll id=”352″]

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  • Mesrianilaw

    Super addicting game! I know a lot of people who purchased Apple products just to get a chance to play this game. Its so popular now a days and having it online will surely make it more popular than it already is. What's great about this games is its always expanding. New stages are being release every now and then, plus new characters are being introduced. But the best thing about this online version is its free. now everybody can play this game as long as they have internet. So this is really a bad news for those who are thinking of studying and working because it will definitely distract you.