YouTube and Google Movie rentals expand: 3000 new titles added

If you’re a big fan and regular user of YouTube you’re going to love the news we have for you today. As of yesterday the online video broadcasting service attained 3000 more movie title to add to their already 3000 strong library of rentals.

The same library will also be taken advantage of by Google’s recently announced Movies service. These new movies come from Warner Bros., Sony and Universal and are reported to cost between $3.99 and $2.99.

The news comes from the YouTube Blog which reports that there are much more to come. The movies will be available to users in the US and are compatibility with PC and Google TV. No other devices that support YouTube movies have been announced as of yet.

Most of the movies available are unfortunately in SD but with some supporting resolutions up to 4,000. There are also movies available in HD though there is no way of telling which ones without paying for them first.

More details about the new selection can be found in the full article from YouTube Blog by clicking the link above. Are you impressed with the expansion? Will you be renting movies from YouTube? Let us know in the comments below.



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