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Unstoppable Apple brand without iPhone 5 WWDC release

Apple is an unstoppable brand, even without the iPhone 5 WWDC release. June is usually the time that Steve Jobs announces a new version of their ever popular smartphone, but that does not look to be the case this year. With most companies this would cause them a huge problem, with Apple it leaves tech fans wanting more, and they do not mind waiting for it.

Apple can afford to take their time with the release of the iPhone 5, as they seem relentless in offering updates for some of their other devices – most recently the iMac 2011 refresh. Apple is now the most valuable brand in the world, which has allowed them to make it to number 35 on the Fortune 500 list with earnings of $65 billion. However, they did move up 21 places in just one year.

So what can we expect from WWDC 2011? Well maybe details on the iPhone 5, even though they might not release it then, along with information on iOS 5. Maybe they might use this time to show off a new MacBook Air with OS X Lion? The slimline laptop has allowed Apple to enjoy healthy sales of this market once again, thanks to a design change in 2010. However, it still lacks in the processor department.

These will not be the huge announcements that we are used to during a WWDC, but this will not affect the Apple brand in any way. They must have a gameplan, one that will benefit them. Maybe they will use this time to implement more features into the iPhone 5, along with the possibility of two models and a fast approaching holiday season?

Do you think that Apple is an unstoppable brand?



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