Sony Proactive Before PSN Status Back Up

By Gary Johnson - May 11, 2011

We recently told you about the update from Sony and the restoration of its PlayStation Network. The service has been down following the security breach in April, and it seems Sony have been proactive before PSN status is back up.

It looks like the company has stopped a fresh attack on its servers at the weekend according to an article on Cnet by Erica Ogg. The planned attack was prevented as Sony had seen news of the attack originally reported on Cnet, so the company was able close off any route into its servers.

A post on Internet Relay Chat channel which is used by the hackers said that “Sony saw that article”, and continued by saying their opportunity had passed. The article in question was posted last Thursday and warned of an upcoming attack on Sony.

The company had said on Saturday that it had also removed names of 2,500 entrants to an old Sony competition held back in 2001, after they had been copied from an old part of Sony’s website. So far no one has come forward and claimed responsibility for the security breaches, but Anonymous have denied any involvement.

With no end in sight to the ongoing problems for Sony, we will just have to sit tight and wait for official news to come from the company with a date for services to be resumed.

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  • SuperMario

    The height of insult is the fact that Sony continues to charge for it's service.
    Has anyone considered reporting those charges from Sony as fraudulent?
    After all, your being charged for a service that is not there, not available, currently non existent.

    Any company that knowingly charges you for a service, it knowingly can not provide, is committing
    a fraudulent act.

    If you check your May credit card statements you will see that Sony did in fact allow the
    May PSN charges to go through despite the outage!

    Absolutely horrifying behavior to say the very least!

    With a quick calculation I realize that the amount of money I'm spending on games
    for the kids and all the associated (Charges) they would be far better off with a PC,
    and certainly NOT a Sony piece of crap PC that's for sure!

    A PC is more flexible, useful, educational and there is no shortage of games,
    peripherals and input devices available for a PC! Not to mention choices and

    Consoles are passe' for me now. As far as I am concerned I will not allow my
    children to have their personal info be placed at risk again! And certainly not
    by Sony.

    I have placed my order for two new custom PCs designed for gaming for the kids.
    I don't mind spending the $3K for both machines since they will offer better bang
    for my buck without the recurring charges.


    Hackers must Die!

    • Rhys


      well,… maybe not die, but they should be locked in a room and forced to listen to "Friday" for eternity.

  • George