PlayStation Network Offline Status: Do you blame Sony or Anon?

If the PlayStation Network isn’t back up in a weeks time, it will mean that Sony will have shut down PSN for exactly a month since it first went offline on April 20th. The rollercoaster is still ongoing, with PS3 users no nearer to knowing when the service will resume.

We have had various reasons floating around why the attack first happened. Sony called it an ‘intrusion’ on their servers by the hacking group known as Anonymous, even publishing documents containing some apparent slogans from the company.

Anon on the other hand are defiant that they had no part in the recent attacks on Sony and the PlayStation 3, despite the fact that were responsible (by their own admission) for the initial attacks on the PlayStation Network, as a result of Sony’s legal action against infamous developer / hacker Geohot.

We recently heard a surprising ‘announcement’ from a Japanese Sony exec stating that the PSN would be back up by May 31st, but this statement has now been confirmed to be ‘inaccurate’ by Sony, as the company has now stated that the PlayStation Network would be online again in a few days. Don’t forget though, PS3 users were given a promise that the PS3 service would be back up within a week, and it didn’t happen – so it’s fair to say that PS3 users are still in a state of bewilderment as to when Sony will finally resume service.

With this in mind, we want to know your thoughts on the service, as we move into a third week of outage. Overall, do you solely blame Sony for the downtime and their lack of awareness in dealing with this problem, or do you still think the majority of the blame has to go to Anonymous – despite the fact that they continue to state that they are not involved.

We’ve created a poll below for you to have your say on this – we’re eagerly awaiting the results of this one.

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