PlayStation Network Offline Status: Do you blame Sony or Anon?

By Alan Ng - May 11, 2011

If the PlayStation Network isn’t back up in a weeks time, it will mean that Sony will have shut down PSN for exactly a month since it first went offline on April 20th. The rollercoaster is still ongoing, with PS3 users no nearer to knowing when the service will resume.

We have had various reasons floating around why the attack first happened. Sony called it an ‘intrusion’ on their servers by the hacking group known as Anonymous, even publishing documents containing some apparent slogans from the company.

Anon on the other hand are defiant that they had no part in the recent attacks on Sony and the PlayStation 3, despite the fact that were responsible (by their own admission) for the initial attacks on the PlayStation Network, as a result of Sony’s legal action against infamous developer / hacker Geohot.

We recently heard a surprising ‘announcement’ from a Japanese Sony exec stating that the PSN would be back up by May 31st, but this statement has now been confirmed to be ‘inaccurate’ by Sony, as the company has now stated that the PlayStation Network would be online again in a few days. Don’t forget though, PS3 users were given a promise that the PS3 service would be back up within a week, and it didn’t happen – so it’s fair to say that PS3 users are still in a state of bewilderment as to when Sony will finally resume service.

With this in mind, we want to know your thoughts on the service, as we move into a third week of outage. Overall, do you solely blame Sony for the downtime and their lack of awareness in dealing with this problem, or do you still think the majority of the blame has to go to Anonymous – despite the fact that they continue to state that they are not involved.

We’ve created a poll below for you to have your say on this – we’re eagerly awaiting the results of this one.

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  • skunk breader

    ohh listen here now all of this is fuking shit sony is the problem because they will not even give us an estimated time of when we will be back on its fucking annoying me now right!! i now theres alot more things to do outside but ive got alot of friends on my ps3 i want to play black ops with them an have a laugh an smoke a joint like just tell them to hurry up because they will have no fucking customers left other wise right !!! pisss me right off i tell you aii!!

  • SuperMario

    The height of insult is the fact that Sony continues to charge for it's service.
    Has anyone considered reporting those charges from Sony as fraudulent?
    After all, your being charged for a service that is not there, not available, currently non existent.

    Any company that knowingly charges you for a service, it knowingly can not provide, is committing
    a fraudulent act.

  • Evan

    After 9/11 did you blame TSA or the terrorists?

  • Anonymous

    Show some real proof that it was Anonymous and not an ex-employee of Sony or a criminal group.
    I really don't see why Anon would be involved here. Sony has not raised their ire, at least not that I am aware of.

  • richt


  • Bobby

    Lets be honest people, this isn't so bad. So what if we can't play online, we had years of not being able to do that on previous systems and everyone still loved them. I've quite enjoyed this period being offline because I've finally started to play the rest of my games on career mode and actually got around to completeing a couple of them instead of them sitting gathering dust while I play COD or FIFA online.
    If this was X-Box and we had to pay their stupid online fee then yeah get annoyed and complain all you like but as long as its free what right do we have to complain.
    Yeah its annoying but if you are stupid enough to go out and buy an X-box because PSN is down for a 'SHORT' period of time then be prepared for alot of extra expense.

    – A yearly online gaming membership fee.
    – Wireless network adapter .
    – Hard Drive.
    – And a life time supply of batteries to keep your wireless controller running.

    I think I'll stick with my PS3 and enjoy the wonder of single player gaming.

  • CitizenXVI

    While I am upset that my information has been compromised and I miss online game play, I can't be entirely mad at whoever did this. It seems to me Sony was too busy chasing after the .01% of people pirating games instead of securing and improving their network for all their loyal customers. If they had focused on supporting their network and keeping it up to date then the chances of this occuring would most likely have been significantly reduced.

    Instead they stuck their _____ in the bee's nest and now they're crying victim because they got stung. Hopefully they get PSN up and running soon. I remember the first blog they posted saying PSN would be down for a day or two. We should've taken that to mean a month or two….if we're lucky. Most people don't care what kind of welcome back package we get, we just want the service to be back already.


    Its anon's fault, I dont care what you noobs say about Sony, they're trying to fix it, the anons are a bunch of xbox lowlifes who "think" xbox could be better. PS3 LIVES FOREVER, go f*ck yourselves xbox users!!!

  • bryan

    i will stick with sony but more updates would be nice and treat us the same as the usa mob they get all the treats we get the crap1

  • Mike

    @evil, you little freak, stick to the activities that gave you hairy palms you dumb sack of sh*t. Tell your momma i want my wallet back b*tch.

  • chris

    Ever since the network went down every article has contained the same 3 things that we can all deduce on our own.
    1. PS3 users are upset
    2. Damage to Sony
    3. No idea when it will be back up or the amount of damage
    so lets stop reporting on the same things. its like saying the terrorists are still the bad guys

  • chris

    Ever since the network went down every article has contained the same 3 things that we can all deduce on our own.
    1. ps3 users are upset
    2. damage to Sony
    3. No idea when it will be back up or the amount of damage
    so lets stop reporting on the same things. its like saying the terrorists are still the bad guys.

  • Joe

    Lots of finger pointing, been just reading the posts for the last 3 weeks about this and that. personally i would put blame more towards the ones causing the disruption "hacker group" than towards Sony, But the blame doesn't lay intirely with just one group, Sony is as much to blame for not having security measures in place to detect and remove the threat as it enters the system. So Sony is at blame for neglecting it's responsibilities to the customer and the hackers well, they just robed the bank and are on the run.. The civil lawsuits are bullshit and i see no need for them. Yes it is a inconvenience that the network is down, yes i enjoy my gaming also as i work seasonal and this time of the year i get to play my games instead of being at work for 12-16 hours a day. No not gonna bitch and cry and go get a xbox cause some asshole(s) screwed up psn. In the end both parties are at fault. More so the ones that decided to commit a crime and screw us all over.


    not sure what to think anymore… sounds to me like Sony is just playing the blame game (anonymous) and not acting fast enough to solve the problem. The NOTWORK(PS3) being sown since April 20…I dont think it should take this long to find the problem and correct it. But then again, you get what you pay for. Maybe this is way for Sony to start charging…. nOone Will Ever know….

  • 123123


  • TRA



  • ted

    sony and hackers both to blame

  • REALLY??????

    Sony will get it on soon enough people demanding answers for something they them self's have never had to deal…well it's just lame some kids need to learn they're place in this world and let the adults handle things !!!!
    LOLz…if only paddling was administered in most schools again …..

    • RevGenocide

      Lame kids that happen to be smart enough to bring a corporation to its knees. Dont think paddling would accomplish much.

  • REALLY??????

    wow 55% users blame Sony? nice nice i guess ignorance has run ramp-id once again ………so if my bank gets robbed and my money is on lock of funds until a short investigation occurs.. i can sue my bank?……REALLY….REALLY? kids will never quit to amaze me

    • Will

      I like Sony too bro, but guess what? They are just dicking around at this point. It doesent take this long to restore service's. The initial down is the hacker's fault, the wait is Sony's.

  • Adam

    I blame anon for this, Sony can't really be blamed as even the FBI, Pentagon, Visa and many other huge companies manage to get hacked.

    It's gonna take as long as it takes to get the PSN back up but Sony could keep us more updated with progress.

  • Ryan

    I dont care whos fault it is. I would just like to go back to playing online with my friends, not that i play it often but when you cant play at all….thats bs sony almost a month in a week….something doesnt seem right with all of this….

  • mornelithe

    I blame Anonymous, Sony would've been breached no matter what their security was. Updated or current network infrastructure technology hasn't saved any of the other companies that've suffered data breaches.

  • babygirlrosie

    it's not all sony's fault yes i know there not working fast enough to bring it back and with all there promises of giving us some game that no body really want's and that one month plus bs is noting compared to how much its costing us as plus member's .and yes i know anony said they didn't have nothing to do with stealing our data but they are a group and in such group's there are some bad apple's in there who did steal our data !!
    but in the end it's us the gamer's who get affected by all this nonsense . i really don't know if what to think or do any more about still hanging in there waiting on a company who keep's us hanging in the air what if in the end they actually don't even bring it back and we as the gamer's get screwed after waiting so long !

  • dfdfv

    i blaim both yous w$nkas

  • jason

    the thing is sony have said its anon but have not come back with any proof.just like they have not said when the psn will be back infact in over 3weeks they have not said a lot worst pr since mr ratners statement our jewellrys crap.SONY GIVE US SOME NEWS

  • Double A

    @shakyjake the hack was to put the OS back that SONY removed. That is like buying a car from Chevy and they come and take the Air Conditioner away at a later time cus they felt like it.

    Blaming Anonymous is kind of suspect to me for 2 reasons.
    1. Sony let 205 people go in the weeks before the breech.
    2. If I was going to rob your house I would not leave a business card hidden in a drawer so investigators could find it later. I might leave one of yours to throw the investigation off.

  • andy

    anon didnt do it get a grip thts not there thing

  • psn shakyjake

    Putting this into context – a guy hacks your invention with the intention of playing pirated games. The inventor does everything that is legally possible to stop this and a group of digital activists/recolutionaries decide its ok to break into inventors house and steal private details.

    In a.y other situation this is a criminal act, but because a few hackers have the robin hood mentality they completely miss that a few of their mates may actually be thieves.

    This is how the saga appears to me.

    PS the rumour is now that the weetos can may have been responsible for this theft.

    • RevGenocide

      Um, actually, the intention Geohot had was to find exposure with the encrypted data on the PS3 as many other hackers have done with others consoles. It wasnt to play pirated games, it was to find a security flaw with a supposed "unhackable" device. He got slapped with a lawsuit from SONY because he was able to compromise his OWN machine. With the information being readily available because of the flaw, SONY got pissed, slapped him with a lawsuit to keep his mouth shut. The reason for the ANON DDOS on SONY was because a major corporation was using its might to shut up a person. GEOHOT in no way broke any laws, he was hacking his own system in which he had purchased. If you own it, you can do whatever the fuck you want with it.

      So do you agree that its okay for a corporation to move in on you after you modify a product you own?

  • Mike

    I've got rid of my PS3, I've waited long enough for it to come back online. I'm sorry but if a multi national company like Sony cant restore its services with the money at they're disposal………then they don't deserve my loyalty. Token gestures of free PSN + for a month and a free game or two, which in all probability , will be a second rate game doesn't interest me. Time for an Xbox me thinks.

    • Evil

      Good, the PSN is better off with whing little B*tches like yourself.

      • Mike

        Whats up you freak, to many big words in there for you heres four more STFU tw*t..

        • Matt

          have fun with your x-box….enjoy paying for your online access, hope you get your moneys worth…me..I'll wait on sony to make the changes they need to make the proper way…I'd much rather wait a month for it to be done right, than listen to whiney kids and push it out and have this same crap happen again.

          and yes, Evil is right, your whining because it's not fast enough for you..guess it's just part of the "I want it now" generation.

  • lewis

    idk who has hacked it if its geohots im not mad at him… more power too him but i'am annoyed that how can 1 person shut down the PLAYSTATION NETWORK

  • Giosac

    So… if someone rob my house, is my fault? do i have to pay 1.000.000 or else…is my fault? WTF people… i know Sony has some responsibility, but, Anon is the one who did this to us… we just want to play, they have other ways to attack Sony, this was an attack to us.

    • Raskilinov

      I don’t think we can say the blame lies with one party.
      I agree that steps must be taken to find those that participated in illegal activities regarding access to Sony’s networks.
      BUT Sony must take also responsibility for not taking due diligence in storing both personal and financial information securely.

      Giosac, in your example if someone robbed your house – then of course it’s not your fault.
      BUT if you choose not to secure your home you are running the risk should a robbery occur.

      The unfortunate thing is that which ever hacker(s) did this they chose a method that was guaranteed to put their message across. And unfortunately a way to get your message across is by upsetting as many people as possible, i.e. you and I the consumer.
      If the hacker(s) had another method to still get their message across (and this is the key motivation) and not create this collateral damage then they will have probably done it.

      As a consumer we can only learn from this incident and hope that our future choices do not create so much misfortune in the future.

      • Dakota

        PS+ is a slap in the face after the 30 days the games expire so its the cheap easy way out for Sony if you already have + then you are getting shit on by the entire Sony Corporation. On a side note i WILL NEVER get an FAGBOX i would buy a WII b4 a GAYBOX SHIT60

    • reznortops

      e que tal mais segurança…na xbox nao acontece nada disto…e so por isso k se culpa a sony

    • Anon

      I think this is slightly different to someone robbing your house, Sony have alot of customers that they are supposed to be delivering a safe service for us, which they clearly are not.It also was not Anon thats shut down the network and it isnt him thats keeping it down either, Sony have to get the finger out there arse and you should remove your tongue from there aswell.

    • kuntry

      2 be honest. its frustrating to see so many loyal sony players ask questions, and the questions we ask can never get answered. Sony knows whats going on, and it makes me mad the way Sony is just being quiet. All we want is a date, on when the network will be back up. Is that to much to ask? I think Sony should stop selling ps3's if their not giving the customer what they are paying for. A date when it will be back up, is all we're asking.