Luna the 5′ programmable robot companion from RoboDynamics

For those of you that are into sci-fi and have always wanted your own personal robot then you will love the news we have for you today. If you have $1000 floating around somewhere you can now purchase your very own 5’ robotic companion.

Luna is the programmable platform based metallic friend you’ve always wanted from RoboDynamics. The Santa Monica based company says it’s the ‘beige box’ of modern robotics. Referred to in the female term Luna is equipped with her own App Store called the Luna App Store oddly enough.

She also has Luna CloudNet which allows third party app developers to be offered additional features and functions such as face recognition. Her features also include numerous sensors, wireless connectivity, an 8” touchscreen and two cameras.

Luna is portable so you can actually take her home there is just no word of when as of yet. You can read more details about Luna at Schultzeworks by clicking the link where you will also find more pictures of the robot from RoboDynamics.

Will you be getting your very own robot companion? What do you think of Luna? Let us know in the comment s below.



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