Chronic Dev Team’s ‘p0sixninja’ Attending UK Jailbreak Event

By Gary Johnson - May 11, 2011

Many iPhone owners jail break their devices so they can use the handset how they want to. This is all made possible by the clever people who come up with ways to do this. The first ever iOS community convention will be taken place in the US next year. Also the Chronic Dev Team’s ‘p0sixninja’ will be attending the UK jailbreak event.

Oliver Haslam from Redmond Pie is reporting that well known hacker MuscleNerd from the iPhone Dev-Team will be making a keynote presentation at the event in the US next year. It has also been announced that Joshua Hill otherwise known as ‘p0sixninja will be at an event in London in September.

This was made possible as money was raised by the MyGreatFest community to fund the visit. The community is the first iDevice jailbreak convention in the world and is set to take place on September 17th. It will have some of the biggest names in iOS jailbreaking which includes founder of Cydia, Jay Freeman.

Tickets for the event have already been made available from the convention’s eStore costing £27 for adults, or £17 for children. There is also group discounts available.

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