Brink Reviews Disappoint, Metascore Just 69/100 – Xbox 360 / PS3 & PC

By Jamie Pert - May 11, 2011

Yesterday we posted an article which rounded-up some reviews for Brink from reputable game critics, now reviews are coming in thick and fast and we are noticing that the game’s review scores seem to keep dropping and dropping.

If you have used the MetaCritic website before you will now that they take review scores from hundreds of sources then average them out to give a release a metascore, well at the time of this post the Xbox 360 version had a metascore of 69/100 (based on 40 reviews), the PS3 version had a metascore of 77/100 (based on 6 reviews) and the PC version had not received enough reviews to calculate its metascore.

Because the Xbox 360 version had received the most reviews it is deemed the most accurate, it seems to be pretty much spot on as 94 users have also scored the game out of 10 and at the time of this post it had a MetaCritic user score of just 6.9/10.

Over the next few days more reviews may come in and change things, however we think that 40 reviews is enough to say that the game is a disappointment, you can see summary from all of the critics here, we feel that Xbox360Achievements sum things up with this statement:

“Billed as a game that will blur the line between single-player, co-op and multiplayer, Brink actually does the opposite and reaffirms the general consensus on Xbox Live that multiplayer is king. Frankly put, unless you’re playing Brink with and against human players, the game is mediocre at best. Get into a game with players that want to co-ordinate as a team against a group of like-minded foes, and Brink will almost certainly satisfy on every level”.

Do you think that a 69/100 score is fair? Let us know whether this is generous / stingy in the comments section below.

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  • Crono

    So did Battlefield 2, when it came out it was utter shit but they patched it up.

  • Jamaal Bey

    I want to try it on our FPS System:)

  • XAV

    The game was billed as having a SINGLE player campaign which was playable, then a co-op campaign, and multiplayer. The big problem in all the reviews is that the AI is shit. And no lobbies for MP, which means you have to re-form your party after each game, and game is laggy… FAIL…

  • Fred

    Ridiculous that these ratings, which may greatly effect the copies of Brink sold, are giving low ratings purely on the basis that it is a primarily multiplayer game. TF2 and L4D2 both are excellent, critically-acclaimed games but, from the looks of things, are pretty much the same kind of thing as Brink. Sure, it doesn’t have great singleplayer, but the vast majority of people reading the ratings are people who will only be playing online. TF2 especially has a Metacritic 92/100 and doesn’t have any singleplayer. So Brink has been slightly miss-represented but that should be mentioned in the review without such a large effect on the score.

    Overall, very dissapointed at the unprofessional way it has been reviewed. Will have to just wait and play for myself tomorrow.