Blu e-cigarettes attempt matchmaking with a twist

By Chris Cook - May 11, 2011

If you happen to be trying to kick the habit of smoking whilst also looking for a date or relationship then today we have the perfect solution for you. Blu the company behind e-cigarettes is promoting their new idea that smoking their cigarettes is a good way to socialize.

Socializing with other e-cigarette smokers that is. They have released their new packets for the healthier cigarette option called the ‘smart pack’. They feature a radio sensor that detects other Blu smokers within 50 feet of users.

When detected the smart pack vibrates and lights up. E-cigarettes do obviously have their benefits, for example users are able to avoid smoking restricted bans as they release no vapor and pose significantly less health risks if any at all.

Saying that I doubt they have the ability to be able to unite fellow smokers, but you never know. If you’re willing to spend $80 on a pack of Blu you could always find out for yourself. Check out the article at The New York Times for more on the new packet design and e-cigarettes.

Do you use e-cigarettes? What do you think of Blu’s new smart pack? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • You are wrong Greg, they are not 100 percent safe but you can’t put them in the same category of tobacco products.

  • Greg

    There actually bad for you. I did a study of the chemicals in the tips and you would be thinking twice…