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Apple backstory and iPhone 5 potential

We should get to hear what iOS 5 will bring next month at the WWDC event, and the next iPhone is expected during the fall. There are now rumors that Nuance will bringing better voice controls to future Apple devices. Today we have an Apple back-story, and iPhone 5 potential.

Joshua Schnell from macgasm that Apple purchased Siri last year, which is an application that allows users to ask their handset questions instead of typing them in. it then gives users the results, like trying to find your nearest Starbucks.

Since Siri was snapped up last year by Apple there have been rumors that the technology would be finding its way to iOS, with both iOS 5 and the iPhone 5 recently mentioned. There have also been rumors of Apple buying Nuance, which Siri had used before for its own technologies.

We could hear if Apple are in partnership with Nuance next month at WWDC, and the iPhone 5 could be the first device to see the technology. Imagine replying to a text message by talking to your phone, or sending a tweet.

Would you like to see this technology in the iPhone 5?



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