Anticipation For Microsoft’s Skype Mobile, Voice over LTE

By Gary Johnson - May 11, 2011

We told you recently about Microsoft’s acquisition of internet phone service provider Skype. The purchase points to some interesting changes coming to the mobile world in the coming years, and raises anticipation for Microsoft’s Skype Mobile and voice over LTE.

Sascha Segan of is reporting as the world starts using LTE, it will also mean Voice being over IP which does away with traditional circuit switched voice calling. This will open up opportunities for companies such as Microsoft to begin providing basic telephony services. This is already beginning with Google Voice being integrated into Sprint handsets.

Microsoft buying Skype is a way of buying the most basic level of phone experience. It also means that Google and Microsoft are streets ahead from the likes of Apple and RIM. FaceTime and BlackBerry Messenger are limited to people buying similar products to communicate.

Skype currently is either an application or as on Verizon a bit of magic that uses a standard call as a gateway. It will be too late for Skype to be available on the next version of Window’s Phone, but we should hear more at next year’s Mobile World Congress in February.

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  • Greg

    Let's all hope Microsoft does some good with this purchase. There falling behind on so many aspects of technology and this could be a big win for the once big giant!