2011 PSN Outage: Great News for the Environment

By Jamie Pert - May 11, 2011

It is hard work trying to tell PS3 gamers that some good has come from the PSN downtime, however we think we have found something which will slightly take the edge of all of the frustration, this is especially relevant if you do not play your PS3 for offline gaming.

Today we can congratulate you all on doing your bit of the environment, if you have played your PS3 significantly less or not at all during the downtime you will have saved thousands of watts of electricity, not only this but unless you are on a fixed price electricity tariff you will have probably saved some money to.

For those who are interested you can find out all you need to know about PlayStation 3 power consumption here, we have averaged things out and calculated that the lowest possible power for your PS3 whilst gaming is 124.5 Watts (remember it is an average), therefore every hour you miss out on you are saving roughly that many watts (I am by no means an expert on this subject matter).

You can easily and roughly calculate the amount of power you have saved by doing this simple calculation: Days x Hours x 124.5 Watts. Today (May 11) the PlayStation Network has been down for 21 days, therefore all you really need to work out is how many hours a day you would roughly play for. If you play 3 hours a day everyday you would have saved 7843.5 Watts of power (21 x 3 x 124.5).

If you think how many people have not turned on their PS3s during the outage the amount of electricity saved must be phenomenal, obviously some of you won’t care, but for those of you who do do you own calculation and work out how much power you think you have saved?

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  • Nathan

    I dont play as much

  • Joe

    i still play my ps3 just as much

  • MikeG

    I have quit playing mine

  • I do apologize but PSN has really pulled the last straw for all customers. No precise restoration date, literaly the same story eachtime from PSN workers and CEO, BS after BS…no real updates…I did not pay well over $609.56 to just play the “SIT AND WAIT” game. I was a playstation user, until my money was taken and promisses were not fulfilled!!! PS3, EAT SH1T!!! I’m trading it for a Xbox tomorrow morning. Don’t care if I have to pay for the service, as long as I’m promissed security for my personal files, as stated by Xbox CEO.

  • Tad

    Um I stopped playing my PS3, a lot of people that are not addicted to video games who only get utility from playing people online will stop playing their PS3. Obviously not turds like Will here, but I personally have saved a lot of electricity. As I'm sure many people have. I don't play nerd games like RPG and Fantasy though, just FIFA and NHL because I'm hard as nails. You can't expect all gamers to be as tough as this guy on the sticks


    • Will

      I was just exercising a little bit of humor buddy, no need to call me a "turd." I actually find that quite funny. And I find that people who only play online games are the ones who are addicted. They're the ones continuously moaning and groaning about the outage. And what does exclusively playing FIFA and NHL have to do with being tough?

  • Will

    As far as pollution goes, if every PSN user played their PS3s for 3 hours a day and completely stopped for 21 days, 1,328,096,000 lbs of CO2 would not enter the atmosphere (that's if everything was powered by coal). So, the environment thing holds some ground–if you believe in global warming. But the majority of PS3 users are still going to play nearly as much. As far as saving money, each user would save 79.97 cents; worldwide, users would save $61,575,360. But again, most users are still going to play. Even though treehuggers believe that the PSN downtime is making a big difference, it's really not amounting to much. Unless, that is, everybody quits playing their PS3, AND WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD DO THAT?


    Happy to help out the Environment