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Xbox 360 Paypal Update is Low Blow for Sony and PSN Crisis

We have some good news for Xbox 360 users now, as some new leaked information has confirmed that Microsoft are once again planning to update the Xbox 360 dashboard later on this month, adding new features and functionality.

According to the information obtained by Joystiq, the update will be rolling out starting from Thursday May 19th, and will continue on until May 30th across all regions. The update seems to be a direct counter attack to recent attacks by hackers on the Sony PlayStation 3, as the report states that the update will bring a brand new disc format known as XGD3, which is an anti-piracy measure designed to beef up security on the console.

Furthermore, we’re also hearing that the new update will add support for Paypal for all Xbox 360 users when buying content from the Xbox 360 Marketplace. The company are obviously aware of the damage that hackers have done to PS3 users, i.e obtaining credit card information and subsequently publishing details online, so the introduction of Paypal will be a welcome addition for users we feel.

Dare we say it, but should similar credit card security protection have been used to secure PS3 credit card info by a trusted company such as Paypal? You could argue that if they did already have such measures in place, it would have made life much more difficult for hackers to obtain.

The PlayStation Network is still offline as we speak, as Sony has now stated that they hope to get the service back online by May 31st. Xbox 360 users on the other hand can look forward to this security update soon. Let us know your thoughts on this.



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