Xbox 360 Paypal Update is Low Blow for Sony and PSN Crisis

By Alan Ng - May 10, 2011

We have some good news for Xbox 360 users now, as some new leaked information has confirmed that Microsoft are once again planning to update the Xbox 360 dashboard later on this month, adding new features and functionality.

According to the information obtained by Joystiq, the update will be rolling out starting from Thursday May 19th, and will continue on until May 30th across all regions. The update seems to be a direct counter attack to recent attacks by hackers on the Sony PlayStation 3, as the report states that the update will bring a brand new disc format known as XGD3, which is an anti-piracy measure designed to beef up security on the console.

Furthermore, we’re also hearing that the new update will add support for Paypal for all Xbox 360 users when buying content from the Xbox 360 Marketplace. The company are obviously aware of the damage that hackers have done to PS3 users, i.e obtaining credit card information and subsequently publishing details online, so the introduction of Paypal will be a welcome addition for users we feel.

Dare we say it, but should similar credit card security protection have been used to secure PS3 credit card info by a trusted company such as Paypal? You could argue that if they did already have such measures in place, it would have made life much more difficult for hackers to obtain.

The PlayStation Network is still offline as we speak, as Sony has now stated that they hope to get the service back online by May 31st. Xbox 360 users on the other hand can look forward to this security update soon. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • That weird dood

    Sooo we call know tha hackers must be some Micro$oft xbox 360 fanboys :l

  • joe schmoe

    PayPal? that’s Microsoft’s answer to all this? REALLY? I hate PayPal more than just about any other company out there although nuance software ranks right up there with them because they both seem to share to awful customer support center in the Philippines.

  • ryanjie

    anon hacked paypal a few years ago

    • joe schmoe

      Actually Anon only DDOSed paypayl. They didn’t get into paypal’s accounts.

  • Joseph

    Seriously, I don't know what's worse: People who write blogs and pretend to be journalists…. or sites like N4G that actually pick up and link to this fake pseudo journalism.

    Real journalists check their facts, you have made no effort. As someone already said, MS has been planning this for at least a few months. The dashboard beta program was announced, and people started talking about the new disc format then. Now here you go claiming that it's a reaction to the Sony hack… because you aren't aware of the state of the industry you try to report on, and you don't actually check to verify if anything is in facts new information.

    This kind of thing makes me sad. When Game Informer is the best most unbiased form of journalism we have about games (and it started as the GameStop hype mag), things really are sad. Knock it off, quit posting crap like this and let people who actually understand how to pay attention and fact check write the blogs.

    • inZanity

      maybe not because of Sony hack, but what about previous hack on paypal or Bank of America? You don’t think planning was beginning to take place then? Ultimately you don’t know what’s for certain unless you hear it first hand, all forms of media proves time & time again that you can’t believe everything you hear or see. Everything told is either greatly exaggerated, enhanced or false because all the media giants want to be the 1st to scoop the top stories no matter what. You don’t think that mentality rubs off on smaller media groups? Look @ all the inaccuracies on the web. Another question I have is when XboxLive went down in 2008 for 2 weeks, I thought they were doing a huge maintenance update on their servers, if that is true then why do people say it was hacked? What is the real story with it as I wasn’t a XBL member back then. Sad but Western Hemisphere Media is making it sociably acceptable to lie, manipulate & exaggerate. I hope this collapse never happens to any company

      • Joseph

        I have never heard that Live was hacked during that time. The net rumor is that it crashed with too many new users. Notice that it happened right around Christmas and there were some major name titles released just prior.

        I concur the media sensationalism needs to stop.

        • inZanity

          Thanks 4 clarifying that Joseph, that’s what exactly my understanding was, user overload, had 2 add more servers, not hacked. Somebody left a post on page 1 on here of comments saying it was hacked. My best friend is a XBL subscriber, @ the time it happened he told me the same thing as you. I wasn’t on XBL when it happened, I took his word 4 it but a lot of people on every blog posting site I’ve seen keep saying it was hacked. I ask questions I’m unsure of & don’t believe what I hear 2nd hand or most media. I’m a PS3 user, I like facts, it don’t matter what system you buy with your hard earned money, fact is we all love to play games (online preferably,lol). The system we play them on is irrelevant if you think about it. That’s what I really hate about these hackers, no matter who pockets the profits, it still has an affect on the economy. I hope for their sake when they get caught, their identities won’t be released to the public, because people start losing their jobs, the hacker(s) will die

  • TurningPoint

    I myself waited for the longest time for PSN Cards to be available for Canadians, before I started buying stuff on the PSN store. This PayPal thing might be the 'start' of buying things on XBOX; never liked the points-system XBOX and CrapTendo has. At least now it's 'dollar-for-dollar' now. No reason why SONY can't obtain PayPal either….unLESS they payed-off PayPal millions of dollars to turn their heads…GTA 4 route again. Don't expect Skype to be free anymore…Microsoft LOVES money!!!

  • Bizzle

    I loved my ps3 but after this mess left it for an xbox360 and well I have to see that I'm very impressed with the experience the xbox360 has to offer

  • Trey

    Microsoft has been hacked before, and thats part of the reason the XBox is such a closed platform. They are just trying to keep up with the ever changing and more sophisticated cyber threats that are out there. Which is a posotive for the current and future customers. And with that I send my condolences to all the Playststion owners who can't be online playing the latest releases. Fanboyism aside, not being able to access some of the features of your games is a pain in the butt.

    • MajorLeagueGaming

      Well said sir. Your comment reverberates with maturity and poise. I too wish to say Godspeed to PSN, and hope they find these hackers and punish them. Preferably death by "massive rectal trauma". During the downtime I been trying the Gears 3 Beta and its great , but WOW are the weapons unbalanced. Also got retro and played some Actraiser2 (SNES) and Herzog Zwei (Sega Genesis) as well as some Wipeout Fury HD (PS3) but it's honestly not as fun without the online component. KEEP GAMING!

  • nbest

    hope the get skype aswell just hope the security is up to scratch

    • Jim

      Funny you should say that, as it's just been announced that MS is buying Skype!!

  • Niko

    Bravo Microsoft, they got scared since Sony got buttfucked, so they are beefing up the security as Sony are doing. seems lessons were learned from this fiasco and it proves it could have happened to anyone, since the team themselves felt insecure of their own security…. makes me wonder what we were paying for before though? should these measures not have been in place from the start?

    Oh well, on the bright side, No hackers are gonna fuck with the Gaming industry after this, Both Sony and Microsoft are gonna be Secure Powerhouses

    • inZanity

      um………pretty naive comment to make, no company or person will ever be truly safe, no time to relax, these hackers are always trying to get into something new, to be the 1st so they could brag to their virgin friends. It would be nice if the hackers get caught, right to prison after court, no good behavior crap, and once released not allowed to touch any hacking able electronic component or be affiliated with other perps or right back to the big house. I still don’t see how this article is a low blow to Sony, I’m a PS fan but this is just common sense on Microsoft’s part, learning from competitor’s mistakes, invest maybe a several million to save a couple billion makes sense, all big Corporations should or if they didn’t & they got hacked, it would be tragic, comparison to the idea of the old Lemmings game, I didn’t come on here to hate at 360 users, if anything supporting MS for taking steps in preventative maintenance, no low blow here Sony should get PayPal scrap credit card option period

  • Liam

    Ha another kick in the teeth for sony what's next for us ps owners !!

  • Jared

    Bravo, I'm not afraid to admit that I'm on Sony's side with this, but adding Paypal was a brilliant idea. Definitely seems extends the Marketplace's versatility.

  • Yada

    I stil don't understand why this is a Low Blow on Sony

    • Ryan

      Because now they get a new method of paying to put their console online while the PS3 still offers it….for….free. Huh.

      • Ps3 fanboy

        Now we see why…and the tens of millions of ps users who had their credit card information compromised and potentially stored for later distribution and use isn't paying…and not being able to play for weeks to possibly longer is well worth it.

  • Guest

    more like making sure they beef up there system so they do not go through what PSN has been going through.

    • justsomewalker

      theve been planning this for a couple of months now. i took part in a beta for the new update. i got a free copy of halo 4 it

  • Fuckyou

    "Paypal will be a welcome addition for users we feel." WE? So Microsoft is making this article… LOL

    • exxbot


      media buyout much?

      May 31st 2011 I don't think so….

    • Shawn

      Its pretty obvious "We" meant the people writing this article: Product Reviews. Your attempt at taking something out of context was pretty lame.

  • Steven

    Love or Hate Microsoft?… You can always rely on them to come up with the goods. I love my 360

    • Dee

      I agree