World of Warcraft Subscriptions Decline – Blizzard to respond

By Jamie Pert - May 10, 2011

Since 2004 millions of people around the world have been playing World of Warcraft, late last year Blizzard confirmed that the 12 million subscriber milestone had been reached, now we are hearing that things seem to be declining.

According to a recent article posted on IGN it seems as if people may be getting bored of the MMORPG, at yesterday’s Activision Blizzard investor call it was confirmed that there are now just 11.4 million subscribers, which shows that has been a 5% decline in just 7 months (roughly). Perhaps the Cataclysm expansion was not as amazing as many thought it would be.

As you would expect Blizzard Entertainment has a plan, they will now focus on speeding up content development for existing players, this will hopefully keep people hooked for a longer time.

Having 11.4 million subscribers is still amazing, however we are sure that Blizzard will do everything in its power to ensure that things do not decline any more rapidly, we just wonder why it seems as if people are giving up on one of the most addictive games out there.

Maybe you have given up on WoW over the last six months, if so why did you quit? What could Blizzard have done to keep you custom?

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  • Oreh

    Played wow since the beginning, got bored of it, have been back to it for every new area to get lvl cap. My personal opinion is that the endgame content is too hard to get if you are a casual gamer, In all the years I have played it I have only completed 1 endgame boss, and that was ragnaros, never found the time or had the patience to trawl the raids with a hardcore guild. Got to 85 on cata and started heroic dungeons with my mates, but lost interest. Am waiting for starwars the old repbulic, as I can envisage that being the next big mmorpg, and I am a star wars fan before anything else!
    Maybe if they made endgame more accessible or had solo dungeons / small group dungeons that rewarded better that didn't take days to complete, I might revisit.
    Eventually bought a ps3 due to peer pressure, and low and behold, 2 weeks later psn goes down!

  • BoSoud

    Games start to be lagged alot
    Raids r hard to be made while not in good

    Raid finder will do the magic to keep players

  • PyroTails

    Cataclysm is fine, but if you were already a level 80 when it came out, you've played all the content by now and you've unsubbed because you've done everything there is to do in the game! We need more content!