Top Spin 4 PS3 / Xbox 360 Patch Released: Full List of Changes

By Tina Chubb - May 10, 2011

If you’ve had a chance to go on the Top Spin 4 game over the past few hours, you may have already noticed that a patch has now been released for the popular tennis game. However, those of you that are unaware of the PS3 /Xbox 360 patch may want to know more about what the update involves.

Well we can now tell you that you are in luck, as according to pastapadre over on the website, 2K Sports has just released the full list of changes for the newly released patch. Not only does the patch address a number of known issues, but also provides various improvements.

The Xbox 360 patch includes a fix for the bug where the Control Shot icon would not disappear in cut scene, as well as fix the issue where camera settings were not being saved properly. Players will also find that the patch has enabled Dpad control and coach info will now be displayed correctly.

It has also fixed the bug where players were unable to invite friends to the Player match lobby when they were disconnected from Sparring Partner Training during gameplay. Male players will now be able to view the correct stats for female players in World Tour (and vice versa).

Meanwhile, the PlayStation 3 patch includes a fix for the exploit where players were able to unlock trophies when loading the user data of a different user, as well as a fix for the specific crashes that occurred in Career mode. You can read what other changes are included via the website.

Have you been experiencing any issues with the Top Spin 4 game?

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  • Daz

    yes, it has made the normal level rock hard???? Whats going on?? The game is becoming so frustrating!!

  • ashfoxx

    Wait-wut? A patch on the PS3 version? BLASPHEMY! I'm still unlocking trophies I don't deserve! HAH! THANKS PSN OUTAGE! 😉 (j/k)