The cost of Sony’s PlayStation Network not online

By Jamie Pert - May 10, 2011

There are lots of irate PlayStation 3 gamers out there annoyed at all of the PSN down time, however a recent article posted on GameKudos looks into how the PSN outage is just as frustrating for Sony. developers and publishers.

GameKudos’ Ming Fung says that the PlayStation Network is an eco system, this means that it is not just Sony who are losing out on millions of dollars, Capcom’s senior VP (Christian Svensson) suggests that they have been hit hard as well.

Svensson says that the outage has affected them massively, they have lost out on millions of dollars in revenue which has massive implications on their budget, the revenue they could have earned during this time would have been used to bring new games to the market in the future. Svensson then questions the people who are responsible for the security breach, if they are trying to harm Sony they have achieved their goal, however punished millions of consumers and businesses as well.

For smaller developers the repercussions may be huge, if their single means of income relied on sales via the PSN they have had over three weeks without earning, this may mean that companies can’t pay their staff, can’t afford to start a new project and potentially cannot continue to exist, did the hackers think about this?

Do you think that hackers realized what their actions would truly result in?

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  • P1NZ70

    These hackers should have their hands cut off and a life ban from going near anything electrical. If this was to happen just think of the message it would put out to other hackers/crackers.

  • QyKo

    You sir have no idea on how an intellectual mind works.

    People responsible for this are easily 100x smarter than you.

    Blame is still at Sony for targeting GeoHot (George Hotz) over something HE did with his own purchase.

    However regardless whether he released the information for others to do it is irrelevant.

    Sony still take the blame not the actual hackers, for anyone interested in anything hackery will know that hackers will break through security to snoop around for curiosity not to damage, those people would be known as “crackers”

    This news has been relayed to the world via news presenters who have not one piece of knowledge on how this stuff works.

    Which seems to have attracted a substantial amount of attraction to common gamers who seem to think they know better than others.

    If you took the time to read about the situation on all fronts instead of just one piece from an article you would understand that NONE, and i mean NONE, have lost their details via this “intrustion” making them not “common criminals” as pointed out by guestnumer1.

    Some people deem the act of people that “hack” are uneducated in how real hackers work.

    references have been made and tried to be relayed to the public so they understand the difference but yet 90% are too ignorant to take notice.

    A REAL hacker will create things or break security for own satisfaction with no intent on harmful activity.

    A CRACKER will break things in which they will crack passwords and steal information or in most things credit card details to use or sell for cash and credit card fraud.

    What happened to Sony is merely either a sophisticated group out to show Sony that they are not “invincible” as they might think and Sony have seen it fit to globally use this as an excuse to fix their network and blaming hackers for stealing information. [This is my theory as to why it was left so late to warn customers 1st time around]

    With the news flashing all over they have sparked interest of others who have apparently “hacked” again, this time taking 25 million PC games and online facebook games details.

    I find it highly unlikely anyone would potentially set out to destroy Sony or do damage however there have been links to it being caused by people using a “Development PS3” which was therefore able to give way for “Homebrew” firmwares.

    To make matters worse Sony are believed to have blamed “Anonymous” for this as they supported George Hotz.

    Publicity stunt which backfired – Easily.

    • ashfoxx

      …. (hay guys, I think QyKo is the hacker! Can I have my reward nao Sony?)

  • guestnumber1

    who gives a shit what the hackers intentions were, they should be hung from the nearest tree by their scrotums. -Bunch of low life scum, no better than a common criminal.
    Hope psn comes back soon but im not holding sony responsible for any of this personally.