Tablet PC’s In 2011: iPad, Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak, Motorola Xoom

By Gary Johnson - May 10, 2011

At the moment the Apple iPad is the most popular tablet PC currently available, the device has had a bit of a head start on its rivals. But a recent survey has shown the device has taken up 82% of the US tablet market. The market for tablet PC’s in 2011 is going to be a lot stronger with units such as the Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak, Motorola Xoom and many others trying to grab a slice of Apple’s pie.

According to an article on SlashGear by Samia Perkins the survey by the Nielsen Company found 43% of iPad owners had the 3G version, while 39% owned the Wi-Fi only version. The nearest rival to the iPad was the Samsung Galaxy Tab which only accounted for 4%.

The iPad is no doubt a great device but what impact will its rivals have on the market? The survey found the Dell Streak is the next popular device followed by Motorola Xoom. This survey was carried out in April while the Galaxy Tab had only been available for around five months, with the Wi-Fi only version only coming out that month. The new 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab will be coming next month and the 8.9-inch version sometime in the summer.

Motorola’s Xoom is a good alternative but unfortunately expensive, and the BlackBerry PlayBook is finally getting much needed updates including the ability to use Android applications. With other companies getting in on the act like Asus with their Eee Pad Transformer device, competition will be stronger.

Do you think anyone can compete with the iPad?

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