Splinter Cell 6: First Off-Screen Image Leaks Online

Back in November last year we provided our readers with a video, confirming that the Splinter Cell 6 game was indeed in development. Now we have some more interesting news for all you Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell fans out there, as we’ve just learned that the first off-screen image has leaked online.

According to a recent article by David Scammell at, the image – which was published by audio product manufacturer Blue Sky and has since been removed at the request of Ubisoft – reveals that Sam Fisher’s trademark night vision goggles will in fact be making a welcome return.

The leaked images of the Splinter Cell 6 game – currently in development at Ubisoft Toronto and headed up by Jade Raymond – show Sam Fisher with the NVGs strapped to his forehead, giving a strong indication that Splinter Cell could well be returning to its stealth-based roots for the new game.

The Splinter Cell: Conviction game caused a bit of controversy when it was launched back in 2010, after fans of the franchise discovered that the game’s single-player campaign would not feature Sam’s night vision goggles. The iconic equipment was replaced with Sonar Goggles instead.

It also ditched the traditional stealth approach, and went for a more action-packed adventure game. This again angered some hardcore fans. The Splinter Cell 6 game is rumoured for release in 2012. Unfortunately we have no word on what platforms the game will be available for.

Are you looking forward to the Splinter Cell 6 game?



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