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PSN, Xbox Live, and Wii DLC: Value vs. Price

Online gaming as been in the news a lot lately with the problems still affecting the PlayStation Network. But the big thing over recent times with online gaming for all platforms has been downloadable content. Whether it’s on PSN, Xbox Live or the Wii DLC, what is the value vs price?

Lewis Lashley from Buzz is looking at the value and price of DLC. Whatever your preferred platform we all enjoy playing games of different types, but unfortunately the game has to come to an end eventually. Then that’s where DLC packs come in and bring new life to our favorite games with extra maps or new characters.

But the price of some DLC packs has gone up with content going the other way. With Marvel vs. Capcom a DLC for two new characters was released as add on’s. But when the game was first released people buying the special edition got a code for these two characters. With all the add on’s with the DLC brought the price of the game to around $74.99.

Some games such as Naruto: Rise of Ninja gives users the chance to preview new characters before purchasing, so users need not purchase content they won’t like. But some games are being released with pre-determined plans to stretch out the length of sales, and will further hit the pocket of the gamer.

But this could mean more DLC content in the future as developers try and claim back losses they make with resales and the lending of games. That’s without even mentioning the threat of piracy and the losses suffered with that. What do you think will the average gamer be expected to hand over even larger amounts of cash?



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