PSN Online Gaming Back Up This Week

By Jamie Pert - May 10, 2011

Remember earlier today we asked you whether you would prefer a fully-fledged PSN relaunch or a a return in its simplest form, well it looks like the latter is more likely as Eurogamer suggests that PSN matchmaking may be available by the end of the week.

According to Eurogamer a PlayStation Europe community manager has confirmed that online gaming will be available before other PSN services, no time frame was given, however a tweet from MusterBuster says “Online gaming will return BEFORE May 31st”.

Comments on our previous post suggests that as long as people can play their games online they will be happy for the time being, by doing this it would take some of the pressure of Sony and then they could work on other services whilst people happily get on with ranking up on their favorite first-person shooters etc,

We are not sure where EuroGamer got their “next few days” prediction from, however we suppose that it is possible, hopefully we will hear some official information from Sony regarding the matter to clarify things for you.

Will you play online this weekend if the PSN is back up and running? If so, which game will you play?

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  • FinalExplosion

    Well there is a new update and that will be your ticket for online gaming. And I'll be playing Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast 2 and Black Ops

  • Hakeem Hepburn

    Damn, you idiots don't learn. How many times have you heard the same thing? Sad thing is you guys aren't even realizing it.

  • david snnake3333

    Cod me2, without doubt!!$

  • azzzzzz

    who ever just swap there ps3 for an XBOX shame on you

  • DaveyB

    regarding the map pack , you will be able to get it via the 2 free downloads that is on offer from Sony.

  • Lee m

    Will be playing FIFA all weekend if it's back on, don't really play anything offline!! Come on Sony!!

  • taazmania410

    just ready to do somethin online tired of Xpocs lames laughin at us!


    Just got my Call of Duty Classic Platinum, so no worries about not being able to play online multiplayer. Yay for Trophies.

  • D'wade

    call of duty baby, all the way

  • jason

    cod zombies,won't hold my breath thou .playstation blog says at least a few more days yesterday.Take what they say with a pincn of salt could days could be weeks.Somebody from sony needs to make a statement and stick 2it .Sick of sonys bull .WE WANT OUR PSN WHEN DO WE WANT IT

  • ashfoxx


  • joe

    cool ill be happy and mw2 is what ill b playing! (makin a new account tho)

  • alan

    nfs hp dammit and brink.but i dont believe in fairytales anymore lol so im doubting it will be on this week

  • Sam

    Will I finally go back on the battlefield (2)?

  • rofl


  • lol

    black ops duh

  • ucoast

    brink all day ps3 online party

  • ucoast

    yea…Brink king

  • oversoul53

    this source is unreliable because it is not Sony themselves

  • psn gamer

    yeh yeh

  • mad4show2

    I am a fan of cod, it is the reason I own a PS. This wait for online gaming sucks but I do understand. The only thing that would make me happy is if sony gave out the new maps for free. I know not all psn users play cod but it would be nice to have the option to choose the maps instead of the two free games I will probably never play.

    • Oscar A

      I already have my giftcard ready to buy the map packs!!! But it would be awesome if sony gives them for free instead of those games

    • Mark

      are the map packs not a product of activision though? It would mean sony would have to basically buy the map pack for you or strike an agreement with activision. It would be a nice gesture but it wouldnt happen.

  • P1NZ70

    Can't wait!!! If it is so, it definitely will take some of the pressure of Sony and make a lot of people happy. I will be one of those persons.

    • XxExTrAmAgZxX

      dont get your hopes up

  • matt

    i will play most of the weekend and it will be black ops!

  • Luke

    fifa ultimate team!!