PSN: Fully Fledged Relaunch vs. Simplest Form – Your Thoughts

By Jamie Pert - May 10, 2011

Yesterday we posted a couple of articles regarding the PlayStation Network being down and when it would be back up, a few of the comments we received suggested that people didn’t care if it relaunched in its simplest form as long as it allowed people to once again play their games online.

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services will be fully online by May 31, this does not mean that you won’t be able to play online until this date, however it does mean that when the PSN is switched on it may not be fully functional straight away.

We think that when Sony relaunch the PSN it will feature all of the functionality available beforehand, but many would sacrifice features if it meant that the network would be up and running earlier. We doubt that Sony will do this as one full rollout will be much easier than adding features here and there, but there is an outside possibility that they would do just this.

PSN in its simplest form can be interpreted in many ways, for now we will assume that it means that online multiplayer gaming is possible, however messaging others, purchasing games and DLC, adding friends etc would not be possible, how would you feel about this? Let us know in the comments section below.

Would you prefer to wait for a fully-fledged relaunch?

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  • Guest

    I'd rather see it phased in gradually, with online play coming first. That way you don't have 75 million people trying to overload the network with downloads of a big firmware update, trying out any new features, downloading the free games we've been told we're getting. Oh! And removing any credit card info. Almost forgot that one.
    Cmon Sony, if we can at least play online, a LOT of the negative press will stop. That's got to be worth something.

  • abiz

    All we need is online gaming !! Who cares bout PSN store !! So BRING back the PSN ASAP !!

  • Jesus

    just be patient guys….. .like is it really worth getting all upset and mad that the stupid network is still down….. Its MAY…… Get out doors and do something be a big brother in the big brother programs. Do something good for your community. I am sure you will live look PS1 and PS2 both never had a Big Playstation Network if you want to play co-op so bad go to a friends house (if any you have friends) chill hang out drink so beer…

    Bitching and complaining you want the PSN back isnt gonna make it come back any quicker. Enjoy the nice weather outside maybe get a motor cycle and take the test and go for a cruise and forget the stupid online play…… IT WILL BE BACK STOP CRYING SO MUCH!!!!

  • bruce parent

    All I want to do is play blackops online and do not really care about the other crap

  • everyone who matters

    ive been a fan of PS since FF7 was released. im not goin anywhere, that said, get ur $#!& together Sony, and get my online play back up NOW, ur welcome back package soubds like brightly wrapped fail 1 month of two things i never would have used to begin with and a year of what my bank does for me anyway? amazing how about u keep ur free $#!& and just make ur system do what i bought it to do, TODAY k? thx bai /signed, everyone who matters

  • ashfoxx

    If it will shut up the xbox 360 whiners, be my guest.

  • SomeChick

    Starting it back up with online gaming only for the time being would be fine by me. Making purchases is the LAST thing I wanna do on PSN.

  • Janac 3

    I'd rather would wait until everything is complete then to sit and get it one by one…. Get it all or nothing. It's been so long I just want it back.

  • P1NZ70

    Just post it in it's simplest form. I don't think they know how people are really upset by how long the system has been down for.