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Osama Bin Laden Counter-Strike Map: Download Abbottabad Compound Now

We just knew this was going to happen. It has been confirmed that one clever user has managed to recreate Osama Bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound in Pakistan, for the popular online shooter Counter-Strike, using building dimensions released on the internet.

We’re not joking either, as we have some preview images to show you as proof. The official map name is called fy_abbottabad, and according to the map’s description, it can be played on as either a hostage or bomb map.

Another version is thought to be on the way soon, titled de_abbottabad. You can download the first map now though, over at GameBanana, as reported from Kotaku. There’s also a few images as well, giving you a chance to see what Bin Laden’s resting place looks like in the world of Counter-Strike.

How many of you have already downloaded this, or now plan to give it a shot? At the moment, this map is for Counter-Strike Source only, but a version for CS 1.6 will probably get made too after this.

What are your thoughts on the Bin Laden Counter-Strike Map? Bad taste or a genius creation?



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