New Alan Wake Game Release Date Hints, Not a Sequel

By Jamie Pert - May 10, 2011

You may remember yesterday we spoke about how someone may have inadvertently leaked information regarding Alan Wake 2, well now we have some more information which claims that the next game will not be a sequel, nor will it be DLC.

According to a recent article posted on JoyStiq it seems as if Remedy Entertainment has now confirmed that they are working on the next Alan Wake game, it will not be called Alan Wake 2, in fact Remedy only refer to the game as the next Wake installment.

Remedy was keen to say that they will explain exactly what they have in store for us when they make the game’s official announcement, chances are this will occur in a months time at E3 2011, we guess it all depends on how the game’s development is going.

As JoyStiq point out the statement from Remedy leaves us a little confused, if it is not an Alan Wake sequel what is it? Could it be that Alan Wake is coming to different platforms? Could it be a new Wake game which requires you to use Kinect? We just don’t know.

Towards the end of Remedy’s statement they suggest that no release date, platforms or pricing details have been confirmed, however Fall 2011 “is probably a good guess”.

What do you think we will see with the next Wake installment?

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