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Microsoft Security Essentials: Update On Low AV Rating

We have not mentioned Microsoft Security Essentials in some time, so now we thought we would give you an update on its low AV rating. Many years ago people were not worried about having protection on their computers, but the digital age has forced us to install security features. With so much choice it is often hard to know which is best, but is seems that Microsoft’s is not one of them.

When choosing people look at recent reviews, forums, what friends say or even advice from other sources. However, one of the best ways is to look at the most recent AV-Test. So where did your security software come on that list? There are 22 in total, all that run on Windows 7 – be prepared for some shocks.

It was a poor result for Microsoft Security Essentials, as they came in second to last with a score of just 11.5; it seems as though it was not any good at protection. This enforces what we have heard from friends and family members, who seems to suffer from attacks more than those using other security software.

We are not saying that it is all bad for Microsoft Security Essentials, as it did well on a certain test – just not on repair and usability. However, do not let that force you into purchasing some new software, as there are those who have never had a problem with Essentials. For those who have then visit AV-Test to know which came out on top.

Have you had a bad experience with Microsoft Security Essentials? What security software do you use?



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