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HTC Puccini: AT&T Tablet Release Boasts 4G LTE Support

Just when you were thinking that the tablet announcements and releases were starting to die down a little after a barrage of new tablets at CES 2011 and CTIA 2011, we now have another one to tell you about, and it’s pretty huge.

We’re hearing that AT&T are planning to release their very own tablet, and it will apparently be designed by HTC and will be known as the ‘Puccini’. Yeah, the name is a bit strange we agree, but it may be a codename for now until the thing is actually announced by the US carrier.

The rumors have surfaced from PocketNow, who have included a press image of the unannounced device which you can see below. It looks similar in appearance to the HTC Flyer, the company’s other tablet on the way, but the one main difference is that AT&T’s tablet will have support for 4G LTE data speeds.

Yes that’s right, AT&T are still planning to get their 4G LTE network out this year to compete with Verizon, and what better way than to tout your very own tablet release. No word on possible specs yet, but we’re guessing two cameras, dual-core processors, plenty of RAM, a lovely HD screen and the latest version of Android wil be standard features.

What are your thoughts on this – would you be interested in picking up a AT&T-specific tablet?



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