Games to play until PlayStation Network back up

By Peter Chubb - May 10, 2011

PSN is still down, and there is no sign of when service will resume; although some suggest that it might not be anytime this month. Having said that, it is up internally. We can understand why people will be upset with this, but there are still games to play until PlayStation Network is back up, and they do not need you to play online to keep occupied.

We can understand that PS3 users are unable to play online multiplayer on games such as Black Ops and SOCOM, but it is not the end of the world – unless you have friends with an Xbox who keeps reminding you of the fact that they can get online. BitMob says that not every game requires you play online, and they are correct.

They list five games that are more than up to the job of taking your mind of Sony and their PlayStation Network issues. These games are as follows: Valkyria Chronicles, Yakuza 4, Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, Fallout: New Vegas and finally Mass Effect 2. There is a mass of other games that you could play, maybe even GT5, and turn those bronze or silvers into gold’s for your licenses.

The best game on that list has to be Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, as you know that you will be transported back to the years when online gaming was not even heard off. However, here is another option, take this opportunity to spend some time with the family.

What game have you been playing while PSN is down?

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  • Jen

    Heavy Rain, a couple COD campaigns, but most of all: LAN Party zombies!! Got to lvl 45 with 2 people of Der Riese!! I still miss online play…

  • tommybrownell

    Dragon Age: Origins and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

    To be honest, the only game I play online at all is Red Dead Redemption (a couple of times a week when my buddies are on), and I like to download wrestlers for Smackdown vs Raw 2011. Pretty much everything else I own is bought for, and played on, the single player campaigns.

  • Crazy

    Peter Chubb are you working for Sony now? cause you sound very condescending.

  • Chewitt

    If you want combat training on black ops you go into split screen in multiplayer menu and change options to suit. You don't need two players.

  • Jim Bob

    just go on local<splitscreen and then change options to include enemies..eazy peazy

  • Steve

    F1 2010…..Awsome game!

  • Benito



    Just got my Call of Duty Classic Platinum. Hopefully I can sync up my 50th Platinum to show everyone.

  • NoFanBoy

    I've been playing MVC3, Mortal Kombat, and COD Black Ops on my Xbox360 =) I would still rather play SOCOM 4 online though.. =(

  • josh ops

    u cnt do combat on black ops cause u av to go on multiplayer then select cobat

    • JP

      You don’t need to go on the Multiplayer part to get “Combat Training”. When the Multiplayer screen comes up, click “Local” and from there you can set up games with bots.

    • geeze

      u can u just go multiplayer local splitscreen n add enimies it alryt but still wank compared 2 online

    • Joe

      To play Combat Training on Black Ops………. Go on multiplayer > splitscreen > game options > and change the amount of enemies you want to play against. You can only play TDM and FFA.

  • agenthudson

    comabt training on black ops

  • Nova6

    Working my way through all of call of duty's .. 1st one to latest one,, Great fun…

  • Desta

    I've been playing Portal 2.
    The single player I great.

  • leigh

    I play JRPGs which you don't need to play online and considering that most of them take at the very least 50 hours to complete let alone platinum they have been keeping me busy – another game is Fallout 3 GOTY that should keep you busy for awhile as well. Red Dead single player, GTA IV – go get those pigeons are also 2 other options

    The Ultimate Genesis Collection won't take that long to complete especially if all people are doing is trophy hunting – besides it doesn't offer the best games that were on that console as the best ones were 3rd party.

    The worst bit is going to be the trophy synching when the ps3 comes back – chances are it will take most of the day just to synch the trophies

  • LiE_KrONoS

    Just Cause 2 is a great game to play while PSN is still down, the handiwork mode is huge and the maps are gigantic!

  • marduk

    i have been spending more time away from the ps3 while its been down, and playing some DDO on my pc. but I do not play a large amount anyway

  • marhorn

    Halo Reach………Hahahahahah!

  • Pewl

    im playing tiger woods 12 the masters great game offline and online but wait i get a hole in 1 but cnat save it to show off to my freinds as we need to be connected to psn in order to save ganerbet replays 🙁