Fukuoka shocks PS3 users with estimate for PSN back up

By Peter Chubb - May 10, 2011

We always like to keep you up-to-date with what is going on with Sony, but Fukuoka shocks PS3 users with estimate for PSN back up. The company aims to get the PlayStation Network fully restored by the end of May; although other sources believe that it could be later. The service is still currently shut down, but it was recently reported that is was back up internally.

We already know that 24.6 million users had their personal details stolen by hackers, but AP reports that Satoshi Fukuoka from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has announced that we might have to add another 77 million to that list. This is certainly a huge blow for the company, one that will no doubt affect PS3 sales.

While there are those who do not seem too upset with Sony and how long it is taking them to get PSN back up online, there are more who are. They believe that Sony has made a complete mess of things from the start; one because they should have informed us sooner, and two because it is taking far too long for them to get PlayStation 3 users back to online gaming.

Sony Corparation CEO issued a letter of apology before the weekend, and said that PSN should be up within days; well those days are certainly piling up. It just seems strange to us why Sony cannot be up front and keep updated as to the situation; we say this because the last update was back on May 6th, we are now on the 10th.

Do you think that Sony is playing games with us – sorry for the pun?

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  • Craig

    Nick Caplin Head of Communications has just posted on Sonys blog that it will likely be a few more days.
    He said nothing regarding the end of May, i do still believe the end of May is for a full restore.

  • Craig

    The end of May is a target for all the services to be up and running, Althought Sony have not been very clear about there plans they have not said the end of May, people are picking things up from incorrect posts,
    Hopefully the gaming network will be up soon with the full restore to follow. (end of May)

    People thinking of getting an XBOX think again, do some research, Theve had there problems aswell.
    Playstation all the way,

    If Sony had communicated this situation better we would all be in a better place.

  • Un-bad

    He's on about the PSN accounts (77 million) as well as SOE accounts(24.6 million). Still though they could get their dates right! The last update was on the 7th.

  • Common Sense

    See this is what I'm talking about if you read some articles right you can see if it's official or fake this one is fake, why? the person says 24.6mill has been attacked by hackers and 77Mil more may have been stolen too, OK.
    By this person calculations there's over 100Mill PSN users, and there's only 78Mil total, Kaz Hirai President & Group CEO Sony Computer Entertainment said so at the meeting, maybe they missed that….?

    • huaef

      There are 77ish million PS3 users but the online computer gaming part also got hacked which was an additional 24ish million users, so you my friend are the fake one.

    • Clint

      But, in the authors defense, they were referring to the total amount of information compromised from the PSN hack (approx 77 mil) and the SOE hack ( approx 25 mil). As I understand, the two systems are separate.

    • theman

      Actually there are 77 million psn users and an addtional 26 million+ SOE users. so no, this article is not fake. Try a little harder next time sherlock

    • lol

      SOE – Google

  • jason

    sony have not been up front with us since day one because if they had said that the network was going to be down for over 40 days at least the lure of the xbox would have been a lot more powerful.I suspect sony will confirm ap report in the next 3-5 days.they get somebody else to tell us first so when they offiacially tell us were prepared for it then we get comments on here like there doing all they can well if they are doing all they can and its going to take that long may i suggest they pull there fingers out and start cracking on.1 more thing if they think about charging us for the privledge of the psn then they will really know about court cases ibought my ps3 because of free gaming and if they change this they would in my oppinion have missold me there products.and should there for be intitiled to a refund