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Disk Alarm For Mac: Will alert you before your hard drive is full

Need to know when your Mac is getting low on storage space? Disk Alarm will alert you before your hard drive is full available for the Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

If you want to be able to tell how much free space is accessible, or you are not near to your computer Disk Alarm will alert you. Disk Alarm also lets you use your menu bar to obtain free space. The easy to use app introduced by helps with the immediate reaction needed to delete or move files.

Save time with advanced alerts and keep your computer functioning at full capacity at all times. You can monitor your free space using a percentage option. Disk Alarm 1.0.1 is available worldwide at $3.99 United States Dollars or the currency equivalent, also for use in different languages including Spanish, French, Dutch, German and US English.

Disk Alarm has an optional function of loading up every time your computer starts and you log in. Keep an eye out for a warning given previous to your update of Disk Alarm, you need to quit it. While the window is active, hit Cmd Q. then you can click the “free space” displayed in MB/GB to toggle it to a percentage.

An effective computer app for letting you know what space is left is always a welcome addition. To see more on Disk Alarm 1.0.1, visit the Apple Store.



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