Deadline for PSN back up online passes, reputation an issue

By Gary Johnson - May 10, 2011

Hopefully the PlayStation Network will be back up very soon as millions of gamers continue to be frustrated with the loss of service. As the original deadline for PSN being back up online passes, Sony’s reputation is now an issue.

The service was shut down on April 20 after Sony discovered a security breach, and the company continues to work to get the service back online. According to an article on USA Today the company did have a score of 24.3 on YouGov’s daily consumer tracking BrandIndex. Following the security breach this dropped to 7.6 among adults of 18 and over.

The company had previously been in the top three of electronic brands but now has fallen behind Apple, Dell, LG, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, and Kodak. The PlayStation 3 took a bigger hit falling from 16 to -9.8. During the same period the Nintendo Wii climbed from 21.3 to 29.1, and the Xbox fell from 13.9 to 11.5.

The survey is carried out daily with 5,000 US residents giving their feelings on different brands. Many consumers were more annoyed with how long it took Sony to make its findings known to the public, not the fact they were hacked.

A poll carried out on website found that of 11,000 gamers, 51 % had a negative opinion of Sony, while 49% said the hack had made them like the company less. But when Sony do get the service back and gamers start receiving the freebies being promised, many gamers will surely forget about all the problems.

Will your opinion of Sony ever improve?

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  • ashfoxx

    I'm happy playing my Super Nintend- HEY! SOMEONE HACKED MY SUPER NINTENDO! MADNESS! TT_TT


    The HACKERS are the blame. IF the Hackers have never been born, this never would have happened. I am still SONY Loyal. Just got my Call of Duty Classic Platinum, so no worries about not being able to play online multiplayer. Yay for Trophies.

  • Janac 3

    My opinion of Sony hasn't changed one bit… Everyone is upset at Sony. Why? Sony is not to blame. The hackers are. Sony is just taking precautions and rightfully so. Was atari, nintendo, super nintendo, sega all online mp's? Heck no. They were all sp games. The whiners and cryers don't remember those systems do they! The kids today don't know those systems. Everyone should just stop whining crying and bluffing about buying the xbox. And just "remember"

  • Blag

    Sort it out Sony FFS!

  • FrankinDeath 1

    PSN will be back up in 2035 how that for a retoration date
    I blame hacking scum!
    All gamers afected should have rights for a free round trip ticket to kick there asses!
    SONY should give that as a welcome back gift!
    But still waiting.